ZLMG420 Pellet Mill

Why use GEMCO ZLMG420 Pellet Mill?

GEMCO ZLMG420 pellet mill is suitable for each kind of biomass raw materials like sawdust, straw, rice husk, barks, etc, and the pelletizing mill can process them into high density of wood pellet fuels. 
ZLMG420 pellet mill
Type Power Pellet specification (mm) Production (kg/h) Weight (kg) Overall dimensions (mm)
ZLMG 420B 37kw 6, 8, 10 400-600 1100 1630*620*1400
ZLMG 420A 46kw (62hp) 6, 8, 10 400-600 1200 2590*660*1400
ZLMG 420P 37-48 kw 6, 8, 10 400-600 700 1500*850*1400

Main structure of ZLMG420 pellet mill

The ZLMG420 pellet mill stand-alone production is large, but also provides three kinds of power(motor drive, diesel engine drive, PTO drive) to adapt to diferent operating environments. Small production pelletizing mill go here!
ZLMG420B type pellet mill structure picture
(1. Motor  2. Reducer  3. Drive part 4. Molding part 5. Self-lubrication 6. Electronic part)

ZLMG420B type pellet mill is composed of motor, reducer, drive part, molding part, self-lubrication and electronic control, etc.

ZLMG420A type pellet mill structure picture
(1. Diesel engine 2. Reducer 3. Drive part 4. Molding part 5. Self-lubrication)

ZLMG420A type pelletizer mill is composed of diesel engine, reducer, drive part, molding part and self-lubrication, etc.

ZLMG420P type pellet mill structure picture
(1. PTO 2. Reducer 3. Drive part 4. Molding part 5. Self-lubrication)

ZLMG420P type pelletizer mill is composed of PTO, reducer, drive part, molding part and self-lubrication.

Feature of GMC-ZLMG420 Pellet Mill

  • The whole machine will be delivered out. You can install it directly.
  • ZLMG420B pellet mill is equipped with electric control cabinet. Connect the wire according to the installation drawing in order to make the motor rotating direction right.
  • The device is equipped with self-lubrication device, ensure long-term normal operation of equipment.
  • The pellet mil disc can be used on both sides. If the die is worn seriously, You can dismount it and use the other side of the die.

Working Principle of ZLMG420 Pellet Mill

The pulverizing biomass raw materials will be squeezed out from the die hole under the function of ZLMG420 pellet mill die and roller. The cutter will cut them into pellets with a certain length. The pellet length can be guaranteed by adjusting the top and lower position of the cutter. The pellets will be sent out by the material rejection tray from the outlet port.

Application of GEMCO Pelletizing Mill

Application of GEMCO Pelletizing Mill
Wood pellets making by pelletizing mill can gain heat energy by burning. The fuel pellets are widely used in life heating, power generation, stove, etc. Wood pellets are the alternative fuel of the non-renewable energy source like coal, fossil oil, natural gas, etc, which can not only save energy but also reduce the carbon elimination. Wood pellet is a kind of high-efficiency, clean renewable energy source.

Warranty Policy:
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