Cost of Fish Feed Mill Plant to Bolivia

Today, more and more farmers would choose floating fish feed for their finery or ponding farming since floating fish feed pellet produced by feed pellet machine are featured with easy feeding and convenient management, further reduce the cost of fishing. (Read more: Small Cattle Feed Machine Price >>)

factory price fish feed mill plant machine
Fish Feed Mill Machine - Pellet Extruder at Factory Price

Floating Feed Mill Plant to Bolivia Cost

Buying a feed mill plant to produce floating fish feed would be a great feasible investment project for those who are interested in fishing industry or engaged in fish farming. Recently, a client from Bolivia just bought a complete set of floating feed mill machine from GEMCO-ENERGY. It will be used to produce high quality floating fish feed for his fishery. (Read more: How Much Does a Pellet Mill?)

floating fish feed making machine to Bolivia
Crusher -- Fish Feed Mill Plant
loading of fish feed pellet machines
Mesh Belt Dryer -- Fish Feed Mill Processing Plant
factory price fish feed mill plant
Complete Equipment of Fish Feed Production Plant
manufacturing factory of fish feed mill machine
Factory of Fish Feed Extruder Machine for Floating Feed

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The main floating fish feed production process by this fish feed mill plant are crushing, mixing, extruding, drying and seasoning.

equipment layout of fish feed mill plant
Fish Feed Mill Plant Equipment Layout

  • Capacity: 150KGS/H;
  • Size of Produced Fish Feed: 0.9-15 mm (by replace the die mould)
  • Main Equipment: Crusher, Bag Filter and Silo, Mixer, Pellet Extruder, Pneumatic Conveyor, Mesh Belt Dryer, Actagon Spray Hanging Machine;
  • Raw Materials Processed: Rice straw meal, soybean oil cake, peanut oil cake, corn gluten meal, rice bran, wheat bran, Locust leaf meal, etc.

Complete Floating Fish Feed Mill Plant for Sales

How much this fish feed mill plant will cost? Actully, the cost is based on the equipment choosed. Generally, a small fish feed extruder machine will cost less, staring from $1,000. But if fish feed mill plant that includes all the necessary fish feed making machine, which would cost more, ranging from $8,000 to 20,000 or above. If you are interested in buying fish feed mill plant machine, just contact us, we will offer the right equipment and the most flavorable price. 

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Why Choose Floating Fish Feed?

The floating fish feed can be suspended on the water surface for a long time. There is no need to set up a special feeding platform, only need to feeding at fixed time. When fish eating, the should float on the water, which allows to abserve the feeding situation of fish directly and timely adjust the feeding amount, and also can get the information of the growth and health of fish.

various fish feed pellets produced by fish feed mill plant

Therefore, the use of aquatic floating fish feed is helpful for scientific feeding management, saving a lot of time, and improving labor productivity. The breeding personnel can calculate the amount of bait to be cast according to the breed, specification, quantity, water temperature and bait rate of the fish raised, and quickly cast feed, which not only saves a lot of time, but also improves labor productivity.

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