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Recently, feed pellet has become the most popular animal food in the feed industry. People usually use the rice husk, straw, grass, cereal as animal feed pellet. For different materials, the pelleting processing is different, for the material with big particles, only a feed pellet mill cannot finish the processing, the crushing machine is also needed. Then a feed mill plant has been formed.
The feed mill plant is also called feed pellet mill line or feed pellet production line. Generally, a feed mill plant consists of electric control system, drying system, crushing system, mixing system, pelleting system(feed mill), cooling system and packing system. And according to the pellet processing, the feed mill plant is divided into two types, small scale feed pellet plant and large scale feed pellet plant, each one can be used in farm or feed factory, that decided by the raw material you have.
For different purpose, the scale of the feed pellet mill plant are different, if you want make feed pellet for your livestock, the small scale feed pellet line is proper, because with the small and simple machines, the small scale feed pellet mill plant is easy to install and operate; if you want to invest the feed pellet for getting profit, the large scale pellet production is suggested for its more complete production processing.

GEMCO Feed Pellet Mill Plant Projects

Feed Mill Plant
GEMCO Feed Pellet Mill Plant Projects

Advantages of Feed Mill Plant

For the feed mill plant, it can make more raw material corn, wheat bran, soybean meal, paddy rice, sorghum into pellet as animal feed. It can solve the problem of uneven nutrients distribution for the livestock by mixing kinds of materials. Also it can reduce production costs including capital and operating stuff. Last, using pellet production, the waste can be reduced to the least and the production can be increased more.
  • For small scale feed pellet production line, it can be used on the farm whether the farmer want to make pellet for the livestock or deal with thse agricultural waste. And, it takes less areas for its small machines. Also, if you make feed pellets for different livestock, what you need to do is only replace the die of the flat die pellet machine or the ring die pellet machine with the proper die. For example, if you are going to make pellets for the cattle or horse, the die with diameter of 8 mm is proper; the die with 6 mm diameter is more suitable for pig; the chicken prefer the pellets in a diameter of 5 mm. Last, this small scale feed pellet mill plant costs less.
  • For large scale feed production line, it is usually used for the feed factory, fodder factory or the manufacturer who want to invest the feed pellet industry. Because the large scale production line can make pellet with better quality. Also, the large production line has high output. Its output can be1.2t/h to 2.5t/h with the ring die equipped in the pelleting system.

How to Build a Feed Mill Plant?

Before building a pellet production, you must decide what kind of material you want to make pellet. The material you choose decides the machines and the scale of the production line. For making feed pellet for the livestock on the farm, the small scale production line is suitable; for making feed pellet to get profit, with your enough budget, the large scale production is suggested.

Due to the features of the feed production line, many factors will influence the production efficiency. The most important factor is the material. The moisture content, size, and temperature of the material will affect the production line. And each step in the production line may affect the production. The electric control system, the power, the pelleting, the crushing, the drying etc. will affect the production too. So, for these influenced factors, you had better be familiar to them and know how to avoid the problems.

If you want to know more about the feed mill plant, please contact to us, our professionals will offer more information about technology.

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