innovative feed solutions for different animals

In this column, we will explore scientific and efficient animal feed production solutions for various animals, including chickens, cattle, fish, pigs, etc., and offers customized animal feed production processes and business plan. Learn more about how to make high quality feeds for different animals at low cost. 

Animal feed manufacturing referes to process and technology adopted to produce animal feed that is essential for providing the necessary nutrients to support the health and growth of livestock and other animals. Aniaml feed processing depend on the type of animal and its nutritional needs. In the process of making feed, different ingredients like grains, protein sources, and supplements are chosen and mixed together to make a product that is nutritionally balanced. The most common animal feed pellet manufacturing process include grinding, pelleting, cooling, and more. And some of animals need customized feed production processes that are designed to provide right balance of nutrients to support the animal's growth, reproduction, and overall health. With new technologies and equipment, anmal feed industry is constantly evolving for high quality animal feeds that are safe, nutritious, and cost-effective.

Make High Quality Animal Feeds for Different Animals

poultry chicken feed pellets
1-4mm Chickens Feed Pellets
livestock feed pellets for cattle
4-8mm Cattle Feed Pellets
sheep goat feed pellets
4-12mm Goat/Sheep Feed Pellets
2-10mm pig feed pellets
2-10mm Pig Feed Pellets
2-8mm rabbit feed pellet
2-8mm Rabbit Feed Pellets
0.5-4mm fish feed pellets
0.5-4mm Fish Feed Pellets


  • Poultry Feeds: Chickens, Broilers, Layers, Chicks; Goose; Ducks;
  • Livestock Feeds: Cattle/Cow, Horse, Pig, Rabbits, Camel, Sheep/Goats, etc
  • Aquatic Feeds: Fish, Crab, Shrimp, etc.;


Profitable Opportunity: Meet Global Demand for Quality Feed

As the demand for quality feed contiunues to increase globally, there presents a promissing business opportunity for animal feed production. In addition, the manufacture of animal feed has a low barrier to entry, making it accessible to small and medium-sized firms, even farmers can have their own animal feed production plant. In addition, the government's actions to encourage animal husbandry help animal feed production business, assuring a stable market and positive return on investment for animal feed production. In addition, technological and mechanical developments have made the manufacture of animal feed more efficient and cost-effective. Hence, beginning a business producing animal feed may provide good development opportunities and financial advantages.

GEMCO: Your Top Animal Feed Processing Supplier

GEMCO, with over 20 years of experience in feed milling machine industry, is a trusted and reputable manufacturer of animal feed production machines and a complete solution provider for animal feed processing. Our animal feed production machines are designed to produce feed pellets for livestock, poultry, and aquaculture industries. In addition, with a dedicated team of engineers and technicians, GEMCO provides technical support, installation services, and training to ensure that our clients are able to operate animal feed processing machines effectively and efficiently.

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