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DIY wood pellets with homemade pellet mill

Do you want to make your own wood pellets? Do you want to DIY wood pellets at home? With GEMCO wood pellet making equipment, you will realize your dreams!

Wood Pellet Combustion
Wood Pellet Combustion

Pellets are a great source of energy which you can use at home for heating and cooking purposes. So, how to make your own wood pellets at home? A home pellet mill is the recommended equipment to make pellets at home. It can process a variety of raw materials into small sized pellets. It cost leastly, covers a small area, making its use and placement suitable for home. Buying a homemade pellet machine, you can have your own energy source at home and utilize raw materials that are often wasted to make pellets for residential use.

Make Pellets at Home - DIY Steps

Making pellets is not a very technical process due to which you can even make it at home. But, for large or commercial wood pellet plant setup, please check professional wood pellet manufacturing process. Here just a few tips for DIY wood pellets with homemade pellet mill.  (Read more: DIY Pellet Maker >>)

Diy Wood Pellets
DIY Wood Pellets at Home

  • Raw Materials Process

Collect the raw material and crush it into particles of small size with the help of a hammer crusher. Or you can also buy crushed raw material from the market. Now dry it by placing it under the sunlight for at least 24 hours. This step is crucial and is required to reduce the moisture content from the raw materials. If this step is skipped, the quality of pellets will be affected badly. (Read more: Sawdust Pellet Making Machine >>)

Making Wood Pellets at Home
Making Wood Pellets at Home

  • Pellet Making

Next, put crushed and dried raw material in the homemade pellet making machine you purchased. In this machine, immense pressure will be applied through rollers and flat die. Heat will also be produced due to the friction. Due to the pressure applied by the rollers, the raw material will get compressed and start coming out of the holes that are present in the flat die. Here, compressed pellets will be cut with the help of a knife or cutter into small sized pellets. (Related post: Buying Small Pelletizer Machine Online >>)

  • Pellets Cooling

The pellets coming out of the machine will have a high temperature so spread them in a large area to reduce temperature. You can also use a cooler to cool down hot pellets. Once their temperature has reduced, store them in plastic or paper bags for future use. DIY wood pellets is actually very joyful. You will enjoy making your own pellets with homemade pellet mill as long as you have used it. 

DIY Homemade Pellet Mill for Sales

The main equipment required to make pellets at home is a mini flat die pellet mill. It consists of different parts such as feed hopper, pellet outlet, die, roller, cutter, electric motor, control cabinet, wheels, etc. 

Homemade Pellet Mill for Sale
Homemade Pellet Mill for Sale

There are 4 types of homemade pellet mills with flat die: electric motor type, diesel engine type, PTO type and gasoline engine type, which enables more people to make pellets at home. If you are now looking to buy a mini pellet machine for your home use, these are your BEST choice due to its cheap price and high quality!

Buy Homemade Pellet Machine
Buy Homemade Pellet Machine

Cost of Homemade Pellet Mill
► Based on different features of a pellet making machinery, its price can vary. Usually, its cost may at least 800 USD or above. 
Raw Materials Homemade Pellet Machine can Process

► The homemade pellet mill can process various kinds of biomass raw materials: sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, peanut shell, straw, stalk, hay, etc.

Buy Mini Homemade Pellet Machine to Make Wood Pellet

How to Make Pellets at Home? Factory Price Homemade Pellet Mill for DIY Pellet Making: buy homemade pellet machine from wood pellet machine manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of wood pellet making process and business plan to set up mini home wood pellet mill project in The Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., at low cost.

Why Need to DIY Wood Pellets with Homemade Pellet Mill?

We all know that the price for fuel like coal, natural gas and others is increasing sharply, and especially coal is pollutant to the environment. In addition, the amount of these fossil fuels is decreasing day by day. So it is urgent to replace our fuel source with renewable biomass pellets fuel!

Diy Pellet Mll Manufacturer
Diy Pellet Mll Manufacturer

By DIY pellets with homemade pellet mill, you are able to use biomass pellets for heating, cooking and even BBQ. Since the biomasses are renewable (most plants can grow every year), we are able to get sustaining raw material supply, and the pellets also become RENEWABLE.

Besides, if you have sufficient supply of cheap pellet making resource (you even do not need to pay for the raw material), you only spend money in buying the homemade pellet mill and pellets making! It can save you a lot of cost in the long run.

Summary of advantages of pellet machine:
Reliable quality of broad use, high efficiency ISO, CE
24 hours continuous running Competitive price with good quality
Low energy consumption and less manpower Stronger spare parts
Simple and automatic operation Easy maintenance
Perfect technical design with less labour Stable and durable equipment function

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