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pellet mill popular in uk from gemco

UK belongs to the first batch that started to use pellet mill for making biomass pellets. So there are many biomass pellet mill manufacturers in UK. Pellet mill UK was very famous for its high quality but also the high price. So natives used to buy wood pellet mill, straw pellet mill or pto pellet mill domestically. However, with the fast development of internet and convenient transportation among different nations, it has become a tendency for people in UK buy from abroad.

There are also many biomass pellet mill manufacturers outside UK, among which GEMCO is a representative. GEMCO began its pellet mill manufacturing business at the 2000th. Its biomass pellet mills were hot sale both domestically and internationally, especially in UK. Now GEMCO is listed in BiomassMagazine.com, a famous biomass energy online directory in UK. Besides, GEMCO pellet mills have good quality but much lower price than those made in UK. So a large proportion of people would like to choose the cost-effective biomass pellet mills from GEMCO.

Pellet mill plant in uk

GEMCO has built several pellet mill plants in UK. One example is the 1 ton/h pellet mill plant in England. UK has various kinds of biomasses like wood, straw, bamboo, grass, etc. The country began to use biomass pellets as fuel at early stage. Nowadays not only homes, farms but also central heating, industrial boiler and power plants use biomass pellets as energy resource. They even have introduced some regulations to strictly control the quality of biomass pellets produced by pellet mill plants.

Recently, GEMCO can receive emails from UK inquiring about out biomass pellet mill, straw pellet mill, wood pellet mill and PTO pellet mill every day. Some of them demand large capacities like more than 1 ton per hour; some others only need small capacities like several hundred kilograms per hour. These all show their trust to GEMCO and the popularity of GEMCO pellet mill in UK.

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