5TPH Grass Feed Pellet Making Machine Plant to Indonesia


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With a increasing demand for high-quality animal feed, Indonesia presents tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest animal feed manufacturing business. Indonesia's robust agricultural sector, government support, and abundant natural resources make it an ideal location for such an investment. By leveraging GEMCO's advanced animal feed processing technology and expertise, entrepreneurs can tap into this thriving market, meet the rising demand for animal feed, and capitalize on the country's agricultural potential for long-term success and profitability.

5TPH Grass Feed Pellet Plant to Indonesia

A complete animal feed production line, with a capacity of 5 tons per hour, was recently prepared for shipment to Indonesia. The equipment for this animal feed mill plant was purchased by a local businessman who noticed the growing demand for feed pellets in local. Therefore, he plans to revolutionize the feed manufacturing process to produce high quality animal feed pellets that can then be sold in the market. (Similar news: 2TPH Poultry Feed Plant Exported To Indonesia >>)

Below are some details about this order.

  • Capacity: 5 Tons Per Hour
  • Raw Materials: Grass and Grains
  • Final Products: Poultry and Livestock Feed Pellets
  • Equipment: Crusher, Mixer, Feed Pellet Mill, Cooler, Package Machine, etc.

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This grass feed pellet mill plant incorporates a seamless workflow, encompassing several essential stages. It begins with the initial step of crushing the raw materials, followed by meticulous mixing to ensure a uniform blend. The mixture is then transformed into pellets through a precision pelletizing process, ensuring optimal density and shape. Afterward, feed pellets undergo a cooling procedure to maintain their quality and prolong their shelf life. Finally, feed pellet is carefully packaged, ready for distribution to local farms of chickens, cows, goats, and more. (Read more: Gemco Pellet Machine Price >>)

Equipment to Setup a Complete Grass Feed Pellet Plant

grass feed pelletizer machine for sale
Grass Pelletizer Machine for Sale
grass crusher for feed production
Grass Shredder for Feed Production
grains crusher machine for feed production
Crusher for Grass Feed Production
grains and grass mixing machine for feed production
Feed Mixing Machine
grass feed pellet cooling machine
Grass Feed Pellet Cooling Machine
dust collector for feed production
Dust Collector in Feed Production Line

The customer emphasizes that only high-quality animal feed products can support his long-term animal feed manufacturing business. Therefore, he paid special attention to the quality of the equipment and the efficiency of the animal feed production process. With this new animal feed pellet production line, his company is well-positioned to cater to the diverse and the growing demand for animal feed, ensuring a steady supply to meet the nutritional requirements of poultry and livestock. Local poultry and livestock farmers are eagerly anticipating the availability of this premium animal feed, recognizing its potential to enhance the health and productivity of their livestock. (Related post: How to Make Grass Pellets for feed?)

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Starts Animal Feed Manufacturing Business in Indonesia – A Profitable Venture

Indonesia is a large agricultural country with a variety of poultry and livestock animals that provide Indonesia with abundant food resources and make important contributions to the local agricultural economy. (Project report: 1~2TPH Poultry Feed Pellet Plant Setup at Low Cost in Uganda >> )

making poultry feed and livestock feed
Professional Feed Pellet Machine for Livestock and Poultry Feed Manufacturing

The following are some of the major poultry and livestock animals raised in Indonesia:

  • Chickens: One of the main species of poultry raised in Indonesia is the chicken. This includes broilers (used for meat products) and laying hens (used for egg products).
  • Duck: Duck is also one of the important poultry in Indonesia and its meat and egg products are very popular in the region.
  • Pigs: Pork plays an important role in Indonesia's food supply, so pigs are also one of the main livestock animals raised in Indonesia.
  • Cattle: Cattle is also an important livestock animal in Indonesia. Beef is one of the main meats consumed by Indonesians, and cattle are also used for labor and agricultural work.
  • Sheep: Sheep meat is also a common consumer meat product in Indonesia. Sheep are also raised for wool and dairy products.
  • Turkey: Turkey meat and egg products are more common in rural areas in certain regions.
  • Geese: Goose meat is a popular meat choice in some places.
  • Rabbits: Raising rabbits for meat products or as pets is also more common in some places.
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