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Investment Biomass Energy and Feed Business in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Most of its area (22.1 million hectares) is used for agricultural purposes. Wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and rice are the crops that are produced in abundance in Pakistan. They do not only use these crops to fulfill their own needs but sell them in the international markets to earn more revenue. Pakistan’s 26 percent gross domestic product (GDP) comes from the agriculture sector and this sector also uses 42 percent of the laborers.

Rich Materials of Biomass Energy and Feed Industry
Agriculture Crops in Pakistan

Advantages to Invest Biomass Pellets or Briquettes or Animal Feed Business in Pakistan

As it is agricultural land, a lot of agricultural waste, such as wheat straw, cotton stalk, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, is produced in Pakistan annually. Most of the time, this waste is either burnt or thrown away without converting it into useful biofuels. However, if it is used to make biomass pellets or biomass briquettes, a lot of the energy demand of the country can be fulfilled via these environmentally friendly energy sources. (Related Post: Straw Pellet Machine Price >>)

Start Biomass Pellets and Briquettes Business in Pakistan
Start Biomass Pellets and Briquettes Business in Pakistan

As the raw material needed to start a biomass briquette or biomass pellet business is found at a cheaper rate and abundantly in Pakistan, so starting biomass fuel business strategically can be a huge success there. A large amount of farmland waste will be produced each year, which is just a good raw material for making biomass pellets and briquettes.

BEST Sale Biomass Pellets for Household or Commercial Uses

Buy Biomass Pellet Machine in Pakistan
Buy Biomass Pellet Machine in Pakistan

Flat die pellet mill is widely adopted in small scale biomass pellet production line or used in farms and home to produce various biomass pellets. It can process various raw materials, like cotton stalk, rice husk, wheat bran, wood chips, sawdust and more. The production capacity ranges from 60kg/h to 800kg/h, and the driven power can be electricity, diesel, PTO and gasoline, which allows more flexible biomass pelletizing.

Efficient Biomass Briquette Making Machine for Sale

Biomass Briquettes Making Machine for Sale in Pakistan
Biomass Briquettes Making Machine for Sale in Pakistan

Screw briquette press is used to make hallow briquettes that can be turned into charcoal briquettes after carbonization. The production capacity ranges from 180kg/h to 350kg/h. It can produce high density briquettes from various biomass materials, like wood shavings, rice husk, cotton stalk, peanut/groundnut shell, etc.
► Latest Briquetting Plant Project We Built in Pakistan: 1TPH Wood Briquette Making line from Sawndust Setup in Pakistan

Currently, Pakistan is facing a shortage of electricity. The country buys oil and other fuels from other fuel-rich countries to use them to generate electricity. If they start using biomass pellets or briquettes instead of using expensive oil, they will be able to generate electricity at a cheaper rate and in large amounts. The fuel they are using currently is not only expensive but it is also hazardous for their environment.

Setup Small Pellet Mill Plant in Pakistan
Setup Small Pellet Mill Plant in Pakistan
Setup Briquetting Plant Project in Pakistan
Setup Briquetting Plant Project in Pakistan

Starting a biomass pellets or biomass briquettes business there is a great idea as this country has the raw material available in abundance and it also needs cheaper energy sources to produce electricity. Their government has also made laws to protect the investments and investors that work in their land.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

To Setup Livestock and Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Plant in Pakistan
Many investors in Pakistan are also interested in feed processing equipment. Actually, we also provide single feed pellet mill for poultry, cattle or fish. At the same time, we offer turnkey solutions to help customers build their animal feed pellet production line in Pakistan at low cost. Just feel free to contact us for any questions, equipment models, machine price and more!

How to Convert New Biomass Fuel Business into a Success?

As we have discussed above, investing in biomass pellets and briquettes business in Pakistan is a great opportunity for any investor, let’s see how these investors can actually start their business there and convert it into a huge success.

  • Punjab is the province where most of the agriculture occurs in Pakistan. So first, look for an area in this province that is present near the suppliers of the raw material, they will be most probably found in a rural area. The area must be large enough to accommodate biomass fuel processing equipment and store end products.
  • Build a proper building or purchase an already built building that you will use to start your business.
  • Now, look for the pellet and briquette making machine suppliers. Good suppliers will provide you machines at a reasonable price. Their equipment will also be of good quality which means they will consume less energy and produce a high yield.
  • Purchase machines and then hire workers who know how to operate them properly.
  • Use this force of laborers to convert your raw material into high-quality briquettes and pellets. Pack them and sell them in the market at a reasonable price. Design winning marketing strategies to increase your sales.

GEMCO has been devoting to manufacturing equipments in biomass energy and poultry feed industry since the founding in 2004, with over 20 years of experiences with researching and developing various models of machines, biomass pellet equipment used for pellet fuel, feed pellet equipment used for making nutritional animal feed pellet and biomass briquette equipment used for briquette fuel and other associated equipments. We boasts strong capacity to undertake biomass pelletizing plant, biomass briquetting project and complete animal feed pellet processing plant. If you are interested in any sectors of our business, please just get in touch with us directly to get technical information, project cost estimation, equipment list and price!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Business Visit to Pakistan in 2018

In 2018, we attended the International Poultry Expo-2018 is being held in Lahore, Pakistan. The international Poultry Expo-2018 is held by Pakistan Poultry Association annually, aiming to providing the agro and poultry industry a professional international trade platform, meanwhile giving the investor clear direction for investing. Then, had a very in-depth exchange of views with local investors, businessman, farmers. 

GEMCO Visited Pakistan for Business Cooperation
GEMCO Visited Pakistan for Business Cooperation

Exhibition International Poultry Expo - 2018 Date September 27th ~ 29th, 2018
The booth No. hall 3, 174D Location Lahore International Expo Centre, Abdul Haque Rd, Lahore, Pakistan
Hotel Lahore Luxus Grand Hotel Hotel Address 4 Egerton Rd, Edgerton Rd, Lahore 54000, Pakistan
Hotel Tel +92 331 3009030 Contacts Winne Wang & Max Zhao
Email info@gemco-energy.com

As the leading enterprise of agro and poultry equipment industry in China, GEMCO is going to attend the expo with our pellet equipment and briquette equipment to look for more opportunity to cooperate with the investors and traders overseas.

Customized Solutions for Your Investment in Pakistan

Investing biomass pelletizing, briquetting or animal feed processing business in Pakistan – buy high quality machine to make biofuel and feed: HOT sale pellet mill, briquette machine, feed pellet machine offered by biomass fuel machinery manufacturer or supplier, guide on process of biomass pellet or briquettes production and how to start biomass business with limited cost in Pakistan, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

Choose Your Reliable Supplier from China

China and Pakistan are friendly neighbors with friend ship generation by generation. Pakistan is called “BaTie” with a population of 0.2 billion, large market. Recently,  RMB can be paid in the trading, reducing the trouble step of paying with dollar, China–Pakistan Economic Corridor invests 46 billion dollars to promote the economic cooperation of both countries. China brings machinery equipment, raw materials and personnel to Pakistan to invest and build projects, with the Pakistani companies involved. RMB is obtained after the account closing of these Pakistan companies. 

Potential Market of Biomass Energy and Feed Industry Cooperation
Seek Business Cooperation in China

Pakistan is the 25th world economic entity, possessing diversified economic system. The agro is the pillar industry, with 44% de labors used for agriculture. Daily diet of Pakistani is turning to high quality food like meat and milk products, leading the development of poultry industry and related machinery industry. Also, Pakistan government has a relatively investment law for protecting investors. Therefore, pellet mill and briquette machine is a worthy project for investing.

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