hammer mill

Hammer mill is the most commonly used auxiliary equipment for pellet production, since not all biomass raw materials have exactly the right size (below 3mm) for pelletizing. Usually it can process various biomasses like corn, corn stalk, peanut shell, grass and bean stalk.

There are small hammer mills and large hammer mills for sale. Also can be called wood crusher.

Small hammer mill

hammer mill machine
Technical Parameters of small hammer mill
Model Power Size
Net weight
Spindle Speed
Screen Capacity
420B-7.5 7.5KW(electric motor) 1200×1000×1220 285/310 3200 1.2-10 300-600
420B-11 11KW(electric motor) 1200×1000×1220 310/330 3200 1.2-10 300-600
420A-15 15HP(diesel motor) 1400×1000×1200 340/400 3200 1.2-10 300-600
420A-22 22HP(diesel motor) 1400×1000×1200 370/410 3200 1.2-10 300-600
500A-55 55HP(diesel motor) 2000×900×1700 400/420 3200 1.2-10 600-800

How the hammer mills work?

The raw material goes through the feed hopper into the grinding chamber and crushed by the high speed rotating hammer plates. Under the impact of centrifugal force, the materials will be extruded continuously into powder. By the suction of the fan, the powdery material will be discharged through the sieve, while those cannot go through the sieve will be pulverized again until they can pass the sieve holes.

Large hammer mill

Hammer Mill

Technical data of large hammer mill

Items SFSP 6 0×3 0 SFSP 6 0×3 8 SFSP 6 0×4 5>
rotor diameter(mm) 600 600 600
crush room width(mm) 300 380 450
speed of main shaft (turn/min 2940 2940 2940
Hammer line speed(meter/second 94 94 94
Hammer quantity 40 56 64
power(kW) 22 45 75
Anti-vibration pad 6 pieces 6 pieces 6 pieces
Size Length (mm) 1778 1829
Width (mm) Width (mm)  838 838
Height (mm) Height (mm) 1194 1194
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