choose electric pellet mill to make profit

Electric pellet mill refers to the pellet mill machine driven by electric motor (rather than diesel engine or PTO). It is the best seller pellet mill because most places have easy access to electricity. Besides, the electric pellet mill is also convenient: you connect it to the power socket and start the machine, then you can make your own pellets ceaselessly (unless power go off). You needn’t worry about electricity running out (which diesel oil does).

There are mainly 2 types of electric pellet mills: small flat die pellet mill range from 50kg/h to 400kg/h, and large ring die pellet mill range from 500kg/h to 2 ton/h.

Small electric pellet mill

The small electric pellet mill mainly refers to ZLSP series flat die pellet mill machine. They are excellent for their small capacity and compact size. The small electric pellet mills can be divided into D-type and R-type (learn the differences between D-type and R-type electric pellet mills here).

  • The D-type electric pellet mill is extremely popular because it has four wheels that make it mobile and convenient to use. It performs well in processing softwood sawdust, crop waste as straw, stalk, and peanut shell, etc. Because the appearance of pellets produced by D-type electric pellet mill is not as good as R-type electric pellet mill, D-type is cheaper.
  • The R-type electric pellet mill, instead, can produce wood pellets with higher density of 1.1*10m3 and smooth shiny surface. All its parts are made from high quality materials, so it is able to process hardwood biomass. Besides, its main shaft, roller shaft and bearing have 2 times the intensity of D-type electric pellet mill machine. As a result, R-type sells at a higher price.

Large electric pellet mill

Large electric pellet mill refers to BPM series ring die pellet mill machine. It is used in complete pellet plant, which means it cannot be used individually. It is for industrial use, for example, make pellets for sell in bags, or used in power plants. Usually most furniture factories or the like who own abundant biomass waste would prefer large electric pellet mill to make extra profit. Because of the price of common fuel sources increases, the biomass pellets have great market demand in recent years. Many investors even set up complete pellet production lines in foreign countries where there are rich biomass resources.

From the above we can come to a conclusion: if you need small capacity, you choose small electric pellet mill; if you need large capacity, you choose large electric pellet mill. No matter which type you choose, you will find pellets making joyful and promising.

By Shirley Wang

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