2 ton per hour wood pellet plant in Australia

The 2 ton/h wood pellet plant we built for our customer in Geelong, Victoria, Australia was finished in 2012.

The raw material was the mixture of softwood and hardwood, while softwood takes a proportion of 90%. The required production capacity was 1.5-2ton/h. The best moisture of such mixture should be 12%. The process included crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, elevating and packing. The packages were divided into 15kg per bag and 1ton per bag to meet different market demands.

2 ton per hour wood pellet plant in Australia

wood pellet plant in Australia

The remarkable feature of this wood pellet plant is that it adopts material mixing process, which realizes the stability of raw material entering pelletizing chamber and guarantees the continuous and stable running of equipments. Compared to those pelletzing equipments made in USA or Germany, our wood pelletizing machines can endure a high material moisture content of 13-15%, so that customer can greatly lower the energy input in drying process, thus decreasing production cost.

Packing machine and wood pellets in bags
wood pellets packing

Besides, the electric circuit of this wood pellet plant strictly obeyed Australia/New Zealand electric standard. The plant was also equipped with emergency stop system and independent power switch for every single piece of equipment to assure operating safety.

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