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GEMCO has been specialized in biomass pellet processing industry for about three decades. We have developed complete wood pellet making equipment for small and large industrial uses. In addition to wood pellet mills, we also manufacture the auxiliary equipment that are necessary for the setup of a wood pellet plant. If you are interested in buying a good quality wood chipper at factory price, here is the right place!

timbers to wood chips by wood chipper
From Timbers to Wood Chips

Drum Type Wood Chipper for Sales

Wood chipper is designed to process large wood pieces into smaller chips, like wood logs, tree branches, crotches, planks, etc. The drum wood chippers provided by GEMCO can efficiently make wood into smooth and uniform chips. So, it is widely used in many industrial factories, like biomass wood pellet production line, paper mills, chipboard factories, etc. (Read more: How to Make Wood Chip Briquettes?)

Wood Chipper Machine
Wood Chipper Machine Price
Wood Chipper Machine for Sale
Wood Chipper Machine for Sale

This wood chipper machine can also cut and process the leftovers, cut down the wood waste, such as branches, slats, round wood core, waste veneer, etc., and it can also cut the forestry materials, like sugarcane, reed, bamboo, bamboo, etc. (Related project: Best Wood Chipper for Bamboo Pellet Plant Setup in Uganda >>)

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As a basic equipment in biomass pellet mill factory, wood chipper is able to process wood into required size for further pulverizing by hammer mill. (Read more: Wood Pellet Processing Plant >>)

Wood Pellet Manufacturing Line Process
Wood Pellet Manufacturing Line Process

  • Thickness: <3mm
  • Length: 10~30mm

Technical Parameters of Drum Wood Chipper

Model BBX215 BBX216 BBX218 BBX-2113
Knife Roller Dia (mm) 500 650 800 1300
Knife Qty (pcs) 2 2 2 2
Input Opener  (mm) 400*170 540*220 680*270 700*360
Input Dia (mm) 150 200 250 280
Chips Size (mm) 25-35 25-35 30-40 30-40
Power (kw) 45+7.4 45-55+9.2 110+12.5 220+17
Rotary Speed (rpm) 595 595 650 520
Capacity (tons/hour) 3-6 8-12 15-25 30-50

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Features of Drum Wood Chippers

  • It is suitable to process many wood materials (breaking branches, branches, straw and boards) for industrial business factory.
  • When using a barrel shredder, logs and wood are cut into small high quality pieces of uniform length and thickness.
  • It has been exported to many countries for the setup of complete wood pellet manufacturing projects.

How Wood Chipper Works?

Wood chipper for sales – buy factory price wood chipper for commercial wood pellet plant setup: high quality wood chipper provided by wood pellet machine manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of wood chipping process and business plan to set up complete wood pellet milling project in The Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., at low cost.

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