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The efficient use of agricultural by-products has become a key challenge in today's industrialized agriculture. Rice husk is a rich biomass resource. Choosing the right biomass pelletizer machine can convert it into a useful pellet fuel product that can provide reliable support for agricultural production and bioenergy. Among the many types of biomass pelletizing machines, how to choose the most suitable one has become a serious consideration for farmers and biomass pellet plants.

buy rice husk pellet manufacturing machinery for sale
Buy Rice Husk Pellet Machinery Manufacturing Pellets

Revealing the Distinctive Features in Turning Rice Husks to Pellets

  • Approximately 20% Silica Content: The content of silica in rice husks is very high. Nearly 20% of the composition of silica determines the high hardness of rice husk, wear-resistant.
  • Exceeding 40% Fiber Content: Rice husk is rich in cellulose and hemicellulose, which makes it difficult to form rice husk pellets. (Read more about Using Pellet Maker Solve Pellet Forming Question>>)
  • Density of 100-140 kg/m³: The low density of the rice husk itself makes the pellet molding require a more pressing force from the rice husk pellet machine.
  • Combustion Heat Value of 14-17 MJ/kg: Rice husk pellets have high combustion performance. The high calorific value produced during combustion makes it suitable for use as biomass fuel.

Therefore, for rice husk pellet processing, you need to choose the rice husk pellet machine that is suitable for dealing with high fiber and difficult to press raw materials, and you need to pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the rice husk pellet making machine to ensure that the rice husk pellet processing is carried out smoothly. So what kind of pellet maker machine is the best rice husk pellet machine in rice husk pellet production plants? The following is to analysis.

How to Select the Right Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine for Your Production Line

Rice husk pellet machine is used to process biomass raw materials such as rice husk into biomass pellets, which mainly includes two types of flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine.

rice husk flat die pelletizer and ring die pellet maker
Rice Husk Flat Die Pellet Making Machinery & Rice Husk Ring Die Pellet Manufacturing Machinery

  Rice Husk Flat Die Pellet Mill Rice Husk Ring Die Pellet Mill
Manufacturing Ability Small Rice Husk Pellet Machinery Large Rice Husk Pellet Machinery
Production Yield 60-1000kg/h 1-12 TON/h
Rice Husk Pellet Machine Price >$530 >$15,000

Flat Die Pellet Mill is also usually considered as the best option for small rice husk pellet mills and homemade rice husk pellet maker machines. Flat die pellet making machines are usually suitable for small and medium-scale production scenarios such as homes, personal farms, and small-medium size wood pellet production lines. Flat die pelletizer machine is relatively simple in structure at a low price, easy to operate and maintain, and suitable for start-up or limited-budget pellet production manufacturers. It can be used to make biomass pellet fuels such as wood chip pellets, straw pellets, and rice husk pellets, as well as animal feed pellets. In addition, the flat die pellet making machien can be divided into diesel pelletizer, gasoline pellet machinery, electric pellet maker, and PTO pellet mill according to different power sources. They are suitable for a variety of production scenarios. (Link to Good Flat Die pellet Processing Design>>)

Ring Die Pellet Mill is suitable for large-scale production. Unlike flat die pellet makers, ring die pellet makers use ring-shaped molds and pressure rollers to press and squeeze the raw materials to form granular materials. Industrial ring die pellet press machine has a complex structure and is suitable for biomass industrialized production lines with high production efficiency and output capacity. Despite their higher cost, ring die pellet making machines are more efficient in producing high quality rice husk pellet in large scale pellet line requirements.

Professional Recommendations for Buying a Rice Husk Pellet Machine

With enough budget, investors who are ready to start a rice husk pellet business plant can prefer vertical ring die pellet machines. Making rice husk pellets with vertical ring die pellet mills has the following advantages: (Read more about Guide to Start a Wood Pellet Plant>>)

large scale rice husk pellet mill
Rice Husk Vertical Ring Die Pellet Making Mill for Sale

  •    Resolving Material Accumulation and Arching: Vertical ring die pellet machine adopts the design of vertical feeding and pressure wheel rotation, which effectively prevents the material from accumulating and piling up.
  •    Uniform Compaction and Force Equilibrium: Under the centrifugal action, the material is evenly distributed. This not only makes the pressed rice husk pellets more uniform, but also ensures that the force of the biomass pellet maker machine is balanced, prolonging the service life of the rice husk processing machine.
  •    High Productivity and Superior Quality Results: Vertical ring die rice husk pellet mill has high rotational speed, fast pressing speed and strong pressure, which can produce rice husk pellets efficiently in the rice husk pellet factory and ensure final rice husk pellet product quality.

If you want to know more about the rice husk pellet machine price and output, directly contact us to get a free answer!

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Exploring the Rice Husk to Pellet Transformation Process: Key Steps Unveiled

Rice husk processing process is similar to the common biomass pellet processing process. The following is a brief introduction to the rice husk pellet making process, other similar sunflower seed husk pellet processing also basically follows this process. (Learn more about Pelletizing Technology>>)

rice husk pellet processing flow chart
Rice Husk Pellet Manufacturing Process Flow Chart of Making Lines

  • Collection and Preprocessing of Rice Husks:

Rice husk needs to be collected first for pre-treatment to remove impurities and regulate moisture content. Typically, the initial rice husk moisture may be in the range of 20% - 30%. After storage, the moisture content of the husk is reduced by about 1% - 2% per month.

  • Drying of Rice Husks:

The moisture content of rice husk is optimal at around 15% and therefore drying of the husk is required.

  • Crushing of Rice Husks:

The usual size of feedstock required in a biomass pellet production line is 2-5mm in diameter. Feedstock that is too large is difficult to process and can damage the rice husk pellet manufacturing machine. If the diameter of the raw material is less than 2mm, it goes directly to the next process.

  • Pelletizing Rice Husks:

Pelletizing process is the core part of the rice husk pellet production line. The rice husk is processed into pellets through a suitable rice husk pelletizer machinery. Due to the relatively low lignin content of the rice husk, the rice husk pellets do not bond easily and therefore may require the addition of natural binders such as starch and natural resins or the option of pressing at high pressure using a rice husk pellet machinery.

  • Cooling and Packaging:

The rice husk pellets are cooled down to room temperature by a cooling system and then further packaged according to the customer's requirements. Packaging is usually 15kg/bag. It is then placed in a dry and ventilated area to protect the finished rice husk pellets from moisture.

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