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GEMCO Charcoal Briquette Machine for sale

The most important motivation for charcoal briquetting equipment is always to produce the best products from waste. For any farmer, this is very worthwhile because they have to take out different types of agricultural waste from their agriculture day after day. Subsequently, through the installation of this charcoal briquetting equipment through GEMCO machinery, the waste of resources can be converted into power generation, thereby helping producers to obtain profits. Briquettes are cheaper than coal every day, and briquettes do not produce any sulfur. It is precisely because of these characteristics that many investors are willing to build a briquetting plant ,because it has huge benefits and advantages.

GEMCO Charcoal Briquette Machine

Start Manufacturing Charcoal Briquettes from Sawdust

GEMCO Charcoal Briquette Machine is called screw briquette machine as well, adopting the quadrupole motor and large pitch propeller, thus the final briquette has high density, with the production capacity of 400kg/h, is the essential briquetting equipment for making mechanical charcoal.The screw charcoal briquette machine is manufactured with chromium alloy boronizing treatment for small frictional resistance, and high temperature resistance. GEMCO Charcoal Briquette Machine is designed with ceramic heating circle which is with high heating efficiency.

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GEMCO Charcoal Briquette Machine for Sale

GEMCO charcoal briquette machine produces the solid briquettes fuel with using twigs, wood chips, leftover wood, crop stalks, rice shell, peanut shell and other materials with carbon (no additives added) under the high temperature and pressing. This screw briquette machine with screw design, can produce the hollow center briquettes with cylindrical or hexagonal shape, which is easy to combust, store and transport. The formed briquette can be turned into different grades of charcoal rob which is used for industry or civil use.
Hot sale GEMCO charcoal briquette machine has four types,which are GCBC- I,GCBC- II,GCBA-I,GCBA-II.

GCBA-I Wood Briquette Production Machine
GCBA-I Wood Briquette Production Machine
GCBA-II Charcoal Briquette Making Machine
GCBA-II Charcoal Briquette Making Machine
GCBC-I High Quality Briquette Machine
GCBC-I High Quality Briquette Machine
GCBC-II Briquette Machine for Sale
GCBC-II Briquette Machine for Sale
GCBC-IIA Charcoal Briquette Machine
GCBC-IIA Charcoal Briquette Machine

GEMCO Charcoal Briquette Machine Price 

Four Models Of Wood Charcoal Making Machine

GEMCO charcoal briquette machine types

 In order to meet the special needs and requirements of customers, we have designed and installed high-efficiency charcoal briquetting production lines of various scales, which are suitable for medium and large briquettes making plants or household use. If necessary, please click the button below to contact us.

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1ton Per Day Charcoal Briquette Production Line Solution:

1TPD Charcoal Briquettes Production Line

Equipment and Model Required for 1TPD Charcoal Briquettes Production Line

Name Model Power Qty
Briquette machine GCBC-II 18.5kw 3sets
Drum dryer 1000×8000 7.5kw 1 sets
Drum sieve Middle type 3 1 sets
Screw feeder 273*3m 3×3 3pieces
Screw distributor 600cm 4 1 sets
Slat conveyor 5.5m 4 5.5m
Carbonization furnace THL-IV 1.5 4 sets
Crusher 40type 15 1 sets

The above is the equipment and configuration quantity required for the 1tpd charcoal briquette production line. If you want to start your own briquette making factory, you need to purchase a complete briquettes production line. You can refer to the engineering case of GEMCO Machinery delivery and installation.Hope to help your investment business.(Related posts:How to making charcoal briquettes?>>)

1TPD Charcoal Briquettes Production Line Woking Video

Building Your Own Charcoal Briquette Factory

GEMCO Energy is a hi-tech enterprise which is oriented with manufacturing biomass briquetting equipment (charcoal briquette machine, biomass pellet machine and complete sets plant equipment).

Building Your Own Charcoal Briquette Factory

The company has briquette machine R&D department, pellet machine R&D department, possessing 25 personnel for technology R&D, 8 high engineers; over 80% of products are exported around the world, which is certificated by ISO9000 and CE certification, belonging to the new energy mechanism manufacturing enterprise. Based on the advanced mechanism manufacturing equipment, strong developing strength and improved after-sale service, the company is the professional manufacturer for researching, developing, manufacturing, debugging the briquette machine and pellet machine.(Read more:Charcoal Briquette Making Machine For Briquettes Manufacturing Business>>)
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