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an insight into wood pellets and wood pellet maker

Wood pellets are made by wood pellet maker from wood sawdust, wood powder, wood shaving, etc. Through the processing of professional pellet maker, the density, intensity and combustion performance of wood raw materials are changed, and they become dense wood pellets. As a result, the overflow rate of wood volatile matters is limited, the burning time of volatile matter is prolonged, and the burning just happens on the surface of wood pellets.

If the stove is supplied sufficient air, the loss of unburned volatile molecules is much less, and ultimately black smoke is greatly decreased. What’s more, because of the dense character, the charcoal left after the burning of volatile is also comparatively dense, and the charcoal can also be fully combusted.

Advantages of wood pellets

wood pelletsAll biomasses come from green plants that consume large amount of CO2 over photosynthesis. And the discharge volume of CO2 during biofuel burning is no higher than the amount it consumes. As a result, biomass fuel, especially wood pellets made from wood pellet maker is a kind of ZERO emission energy.

By replacing coal or wood fuel, wood pellets performs extremely well in decreasing CO2 emission, the pollution of oxy nitride to air, acid rain, and improving energy structure and energy use efficiency.

As a kind of new biofuel, wood pellets have high use ratio and easy to storage or transport. The density of wood raw material is generally 100kg/m3, while when processed by wood pellet maker, its density can reach as high as >1200kg/m3. Besides, after processing, its combustion performance is greatly improved: the heat value can be 4000-5000kcal/kg.

Wood pellets applications

As a kind of solid fuels that contains high volatile, wood pellets can replace firewood, coal, heavy oil and natural gas, etc. They are widely used in heating, hot-water boiler, industrial boiler, and so on. They are especially suitable for areas that require much about environmental friendly and energy saving.

Wood pellets compositions

Wood pellets are mainly composed by Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Oxide (O), and small amount of Nitrogen (N), Sulfur (S), etc. and ash and water.
  • C: the wood pellets contain about 40-45% carbon, so they are easy to burn;
  • H: they contain much hydrogen (around 8-10%) with around 75% volatile matter. During combustion, the carbon combines with hydrogen and forms hydrocarbon. Under certain temperature they decompose and separate volatiles.
  • S: wood pellets contain <0.02% sulfur. Therefore, when burning, no FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurization) is needed.
  • N: wood pellets contain <0.15% nitrogen, and the NOx discharge can reach standard.
  • Ash: the pellets made by GEMCO wood pellet maker contain much lower amount of ash, just around 1%.

About GEMCO wood pellet maker

Over years of research and development, GEMCO have gained much experience in manufacturing wood pellet makers for both small and large capacity. For your specific wood raw material, we choose the right type of pellet maker for you to help you make the best wood pellets with least cost.

small wood pellet maker large wood pellet maker
Small wood pellet maker Large wood pellet maker

If you have large amount of waste wood or sawdust at hand, choose the wood pellet maker to make profit.

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