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GEMCO Pellet Press With Over 20-Year Experience

GEMCO Pellet Press

As the largest pellet machine manufacturer of China, the history of GEMCO can be tracked back to the founding of AGICO (Anyang General International Company) in 1992 since when we have started to engaged in energy resources industry. In 2007, Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd was founded officially, which means developing green energy equipment have become our main mission. At the same time, we have been consistently integrating superior resources both at home and abroad to offer our clients the best customized biomass plans and projects.
GEMCO Pellet Press

Our company is mainly composed of new product R&D and design, machinery manufacturing, equipment installation and debugging, technical training and international trade and after-sales service. Over the past ten years, our R&D team has developed several advantageous technologies. And we have been achieving progress with the world-class advanced technologies developed in the biomass sector and striving to lead China’s biomass industry. As the featured product, GEMCO pellet press, with the unparalleled design and superior quality, has been exported all over the world.

GEMCO pellet press features

Generally, GEMCO pellet press is mainly composed of bearing, pellet die, press roller, motor and other parts. For the difference of working principles, GEMCO pellet press is divided into two types, flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill, the former is based on the flat pellet die and press roller while the latter is base on the die in the shape of a ring. Mechanically, the flat die pellet press can be divided into two types, D-type and R-type, whose main difference lies in the rotation action of the die and press roller.
flat die GEMCO pellet press ring die GEMCO pellet press
As the leader manufacturer of the pellet mill, GEMCO flat die pellet press has its design features.
  • 1. Wide range of raw material. all the biomass material that we can find in our daily life like the wood chips, pine wood, bamboo chips, rice husk, straw etc.. GEMCO pellet machine can make it into biomass pellets with nothing added.
  • 2. GEMCO pellet press is equipped with high quality components, especially the main parts, pellet die and press roller, they are made by the superior alloy steel imported from the world.
  • 3. Adopting new craft of polishing, GEMCO pellet press completely solves these key technical problems, such as difficulty to pellet, low addition amount of the organic raw material (about 30 %), traditional drying and crushing of the pelleting process.
  • 4. The finished pellets, with smooth surface, high hardness and superior mobility can be used for biomass electricity generation, home heating, bedding etc.
  • 5. GEMCO pellet press is equipped with four kinds of powers, electric power, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO.
  • 6. The pellet mill is equipped with the differential mechanism, joint drive, and with high output but low consumption, it is convenient to operate.

Why use GEMCO pellet press?

As the most popular pellet making mill, GEMCO pellet press has its own unique advantages.
  • 1. GEMCO pellet making machine is configured with double-stage driving of belt and worm gear, which rotates stably with low noise.
  • 2. The materials are placed in the chamber by gravity, avoiding blocking.
  • 3. Lasting lubrication and distinctive sealing for the press roller and bearing prevent the lubrication from polluting the material and decrease the loss of the lubrication in the pelletizing processing.
  • 4. The speed of the main axis is around 60 rpm, while the speed of the roller is around 2.5 m/s getting rid of the gas of the material and increasing the density of the production.
  • 5. Low line speed and decrease of the noise in the operation and abrasion of the components, productions with high fat, molasses can be made.
  • 6. GEMCO pellet press is equipped with various apertures of flat-dies in the range of 12mm to 30mm and different compression ratio, meeting the different requires of the clients.
  • 7. Due to the decrease of the line speed, noise in the operation and abrasion of components, productions with high fat, molasses can be made into pellets.

If you have interest in GEMCO pellet press, please contact us for more technical information.
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