2TPH Wood Briquetting Plant Setup in Canada for Cedar Pine Wood

Biomass briquette production is the process that involves the conversion of waste materials into useful biofuels. The most common raw material used in this process is the wood waste, like sawdust. As people are getting more aware of the value and uses of briquettes, the demand for briquette production is increasing worldwide. Many countries in the world have established biomass briquette production plant to meet the increasing demand and produce biofuels that are environmentally friendly. (Latest news: Briquette Press Exported to Kenya at Low Cost >>)

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Here briefly introduces one of biomass briquetting projects undertook by GEMCO for references. If you are interested in knowing more information about the briquetting plant setup cost, just contact us anytime!

2TPH Biomass Briquetting Plant for Wood Waste (Bark & Scraps & Shavings)

Our client is from Canada and owns a large-scale sawmill that leaves a lot of bark, trimmings, shavings and other wood waste material in its daily production, which takes up more and more space as it is produced over a long period of time; and the emissions from burning the waste material over a long period of time no longer meet the new Canadian environmental requirements. (Read more: Wood Pellet Mill for Sale Canada >>)

low cost setup wood briquette plant in Canada
Wood Briquettes Production Line Setup in Canada at Low Cost

Therefore, our customer decided to deal with these wood waste in a new way and turn waste into wealth, then he contacted us and seek help to setup a 2 tonne per hour biomass briquettes production plant. (Similar project: 3TPD Licorice Briquette Plant in Tajikistan)

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Wood Briquette Plant Setup in Canada [Project Report]

  • Capacity: 2 tons per hour
  • Final Briquettes: 70mm
  • Raw Materials: Cedar, Pine Wood, etc.
  • Moisture of Materials: 15%
  • Briquetting Process: Initial Crushing, Drying, Sieving, Crushing, Briquetting, etc.
  • Briquetting Machines: Circular Sieve, Grading Screen, Hammer Mill, Roller Dryer, Briquetting Press, Belt Conveyor, etc.

wood wastes after crushing for briquettes making
Crushed Wood Waste Materials for Briquetting
wood briquetting equipment for sales
Wood Briquetting Machine Installation
wood briquetting plant onsite technical instruction
Technical Instruction and Onsite Installation of Briquetting Plant Project
wood briquettes produced by briquetting plant for sales
Final Biomass Briquettes for Sales

This wood briquette plant not only saves spaces for waste storage, but also meets the environmental standardes. And more important, it helps customers to create new values by selling these briquettes. Finding a reliable briquette machine supplier is important for the setup of briquettes production line from investment aspect, which matters the cost and final ROI. 

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Start Biomass Briquetting Business

Is it still profitable to start biomass briquette production business? The answer is of course yes. As mentioned before biomass briquettes is an important biomass fuels and has great market potentials. Cheap price biomass briquettes are in high demand in many countries, like Canada, Australia, Frances, Germany, United States, Kenya, Nigeria, Phippines, and more. Biomass briquettes can be made from wood waste and agricultural waste, such as rice husk, cotton stalk, coffee husk, banboo, and more. If you don’t know whether your raw material suitable for briquettes making or not, just contact us for professional suggestion or testing. (Related post: How to Make Briquettes from Coffee Grounds?)

wood briquette machine manufacturer
Wood Briquette Machine Manufacturer for Briquetting Business

Starting briquettes making business requires some equipment, which can be easily bought in the market. As the core machinery for briquette plant, biomass briquette press is dispensible. We offer different types of biomas briquette press, with different price and capcity, for different requirements. Contact us directly to get detailed specific technical data.

Wood Briquetting Plant Setup Cost

For people who are truly interested in wood briquettes production business, the cost to set up a complete briquette plant is what they care most. But the final cost will be decided by the equipment used and installation service and more. We have various types biomass briquettes maker, its capacity ranges from 180kg per hour to 1500kg per hour, and its price ranges from 4,000 usd to more. For more detailed cost, just contact us directly!

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