Briquettes Making from Charcoal Dust |Process Flow and Investment Prospects

In recent years, as the focus on renewable energy has grown, the applications for briquettes have grown concurrently, as have different processing technologies and new applications.Previously, developing countries used briquetting technology to briquette local leftovers for home cooking stoves and restaurants. Later, as the capabilities of briquetting machines continued to increase, briquette was used in industrial boilers to produce heat, steam and electricity for industry and power plants. Over the past 20 years, briquette has also entered the civilian market in industrialized countries for use in wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

briquette making from charcoal dust
Briquette Making from Charcoal Dust

With the improvement of its economic benefits, the charcoal briquetting production has become one of the most popular investment industries. So, for investors who are starting a business for the first time, how to make charcoal briquette with a simple process? Is investing in the briquetting industry a profitable business? What are the advantages?

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Process Flow of Making Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal processing generally requires the use of screw briquetting machines, charcoal stoves and other equipment. Crusher and dryer are also required if the size and humidity of the raw material are not suitable.(Related post:How To Make Wood Briquettes From Wood Chips, Shavings & Sawdust?>>)

  • Step 1: Crush

Crush the carbonized wood with a hammer crusher or roller crusher. Although different types of wood, such as bark, dry sawdust, wet sawdust and so on should be crushed to different sizes, generally they can be crushed into pieces of charcoal to 5mm below to make high-quality charcoal briquettes.

  • Step 2: Drying

Then a drying process is required. If the water content exceeds the empirical upper limit, the temperature will rise, the volume will suddenly expand, and it is easy to cause an explosion. If the moisture content is too low, it will be difficult to shape. Use a dryer to reduce the moisture content to about half (to about 15%) the level required for briquettes formation.

  • Step 3: Briquetting

Briquetting is a key step in charcoal shaping. Put the raw materials into the briquetting machine, and make wooden briquettes under the high temperature and high pressure of the briquetting machine.

Making Charcoal Briquettes With the Screw Briquette Machine

screw briquette machine produced by GEMCO Machinery
Screw Briquette Machine Produced by GEMCO Machinery

Among various briquetting machines, the screw briquetting machine is a device that compresses powdery materials into biomass briquette. There are two types of biomass briquetting machines manufactured by GEMCO Machinery, screw briquetting machines and punch briquetting machines.

Screw briquetting machines can produce charcoal briquette with a higher degree of compaction. After the raw material enters the briquetting machine, the rotating screw shaft driven by the motor transports the material to the forming head. The screw shaft is the main component of the screw briquetting machine.As the screw distance decreases, the pressure on the material increases. Finally, different shapes of biomass shaped blocks are formed under the huge pressure of the rotation of the screw shaft.

In contrast to solids, the hollow in the center of the charcoal briquettes can be used for combustion. The screw briquetting machine is very fast (20 seconds can make a 60cm long fuel wood block), the screw pressure is greater than the plugging pressure, so the charcoal briquette has a high density and is easy to transport and store. The screw briquetting machine has these excellent characteristics and is more popular in production.

Successful project of GEMCO charcoal briquette Production line

charcoal briquette production line
Charcoal Briquette Production Line
charcoal briquette making equipment price
Charcoal Briquette Making Equipment Price

The above is the charcoal briquetting production line project installed and commissioned by GEMCO Machinery in Ethiopia, which can be an effective reference for your investment plan. Buy factory price charcoal briquetting machine from GEMCO Machinery manufacturer or supplier, learn to make charcoal briquette, get FREE guidance to set up complete projects for business in The Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., at low cost .(Learn more projects: Biomass briquette plant>>)

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Advantages of charcoal briquette in processing

Compared with other fuels, the biggest advantage of charcoal briquette is that there is no environmental pollution during the whole process.

  • Creating value from waste: In New Zealand, a company was looking to find a solution for the dust byproducts from their MDF production. The dust produced during the manufacturing process needed careful and costly disposal. The dust was converted to briquettes and sold to a greenhouse, turning the waste into a considerable profit maker.
  • No waste liquid: The whole process does not need to add, drain or any liquid, and will not pollute the water source.
  • No waste gas: The gas produced in the charcoal briquette production process is only water vapor and some combustible gases, which does not pollute the air. It is worth mentioning that this part of the combustible gas can be recycled and reused as fuel, and the cost can be reduced at the same time.(Read more:The Cost of Setting up a Biomass Briquetting Plant>>)

Today, briquetting is obtaining renewed attention. A briquetting machine is more simple and easier to operate, which opens new possibilities in new markets such as Africa, Asia and Latin America.Furthermore, briquetting presses can handle a larger range of raw material such as larger particles , waste with higher ash content and special raw materials.It's a great time to invest in a charcoal briquetting business!

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