on farm pellet mill

In many countries, there are farms. Some farm owners plant grains or commercial crops, while some others raise livestock instead. For farmers who plant crops, there must be plenty of crop waste left every year; for those who raise livestock, especially horse, cow, sheep, etc. they must need beddings for the animals.

Previously, the agricultural waste is thrown away or used for other purposes, while farmers buy animal bedding from the market. In fact, they can make the crop waste into pellets with an on farm pellet mill to save cost!

On farm pellet mill means the pellet mill for farm use. It can be driven by electric motor, but most often used and the most convenient type for most areas is diesel pellet mill or PTO pellet mill.

on farm pellet millfarm use pto pellet mill
Diesel type                                                      PTO type

On farm pellet mill for making fuel

pellet fuelThe farm use pellet mill is efficient in making pellets fuel from agricultural waste like straw, stalk, peanut shell, rice husk, hemp, hay, grass, and many other raw materials. Under the pressing of pellet mill, the loose crop waste is made into solid fuel pellets.

For making biomass pellets, the first step may be pulverizing and drying, since most plants are longer than required pelletizing size 3-5mm and have higher moisture content than 20%. But for farm use, if you want to save money, you can only buy a hammer mill besides farm use pellet mill.

The pellets made from agricultural crop waste are good fuel for cooking and heating. Although the heat value of biomass pellets is lower than coal, their combustion efficiency is 30% higher. And from overall consideration, biomass pellets are much cheaper than coal. So we can say on farm pellet mill helps a lot in making daily fuel.

wood pellet horse beddingOn farm pellet mill for making animal bedding

Farmers who raise horse, sheep or cow need to change the animal beddings regularly to keep the cleanness of the shed. Previously people often use straw or shavings as bedding. However, saturated straw is heavy to clean out and it is hard to separate the manure from the clean bedding. Wood shavings are very popular and can be purchased by bags at feed stores, but it still cost you much.

Now most farmers who use wood pellets like it because it makes the cleaning of stalls much easier, and there was less wasted bedding. The cost was initially more expensive than wood shavings, but because of there was less waste, the cost is balanced out. And if you buy an on farm pellet mill to make your own pellets for your cattle, the cost will be saved a lot! The pellets look hard and uncomfortable, but a sprinkle with the water hose expands them into fluffy bedding.

animal feedOn farm pellet mill for making animal feed

This does not need to be talked about too much because pellet mill was first invented to make animal feed pellet. It can combine your feed raw materials and additive nutrients together to make the fodder more nutritionally balanced and tasty to animals.

No matter in the past or in recent times, pellet mills are mainly for processing agricultural waste. If you do not have that much of money to build a large pellets plant, it is still possible to buy an on farm pellet mill for your own crop waste.

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