Mastering Sawdust Pelletizer Machines: Efficient Pellet Production

In this era of challenges and opportunities, running a wood pellet production plant is undoubtedly a forward-looking investment. Sawdust pellets are versatile. Sawdust pellet plants can not only produce pellets as a clean energy fuel for sawdust wood stoves, but also make sawdust pellets for horse beddings. In addition, there are more ways to use sawdust pellets for sale. ​Next, let's explore how to buy a sawdust pellet press machine and making line to build your own sawdust pellet plant and lead the way to the future of the renewable energy sector. (Read more about Biomass Pellet Plant>>)

sawdust pelle press machine
Sawdust Pelletizer Machines Processing Pellets

Unveiling the Remarkable Strengths of Sawdust Granules

  •   Supply of Raw Materials: In the early days of energy pellet fuel production, pellet feedstock supply was based on sawmill residues such as sawdust or wood chips. Sawdust is a no-cost or low-cost and low-priced by-product. Making pellets from sawdust generates additional revenue streams and added value.
  •   Processing of Raw Materials: Sawdust is the ideal raw material for the production of wood pellets. As they are usually sawmill by-products, their pellet size is already very small. And in the case of shavings, they are already dry. Therefore, when processing sawdust pellets, sawdust wood pellet production lines can directly eliminate the two processes of crushing and drying when the raw material meets the requirement of direct use.
  •   Combustion Efficiency: Sawdust fuel pellets are used for burning, barbecuing and fireplace heating, with a combustion efficiency that usually exceeds 80% or more, and can be as high as 95% or more (exceeding the efficiency of ordinary coal combustion by about 60%). In addition, wood pellet fuel produces less sulfur dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen compounds and dust, making it safer to use.
  •   Combustion Stability: Sawdust pellet fuel has better stability when burning, and the product is very safe to use as no deflagration occurs during the process. So, it is the best pellets for pellet stoves. (Link to Sawdust Pellet for Sale>>

Carbonization of Sawdust Pellets: The sawdust pellet carbonization technology heats sawdust pellets in an oxygen-free or low-oxygen environment and converts them into solid charcoal with high energy density. This technology improves the combustion performance and stability of sawdust pellets, reduces moisture and volatile substances, and makes them more suitable for storage, transportation and utilization. In conclusion, from an economic point of view, sawdust carbonized pellets have better performance than uncarbonized pellets. This value-added pellets can compete with traditional fossil fuels in the market. (Link to A Project of Sawdust Charcoal Plant>>)

If you want to know more about wood pellet carbonization process and equipment, you can consult us directly!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Choosing the Best Sawdust Pelletizer Machine: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

When you want to understand how to make pellets from sawdust, it is crucial to understand two key points: the processing process of sawdust pellets and the selection of sawdust pelletizer machines.

Insight into Sawdust Biomass Palletization: The General Processing Steps

The sawdust wood pellet production process is a sophisticated and efficient one. How to make wood pellets from sawdust? Below is a concise flowchart of turning sawdust into wood pellets.

sawdust pellet processing process flow chart
Sawdust Pellet Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

First, sawdust from wood processing plants or forest management are collected, crushed as appropriate according to the actual size. Next, drying equipment is utilized to remove moisture and ensure pellet combustion efficiency. This dried sawdust is then fed into a sawdust pelletizer machine where they undergo high-pressure molding to form uniformly sized pellets. Subsequently, the sawdust pellets are cooled and passed through a sieve to eliminate non-compliant pellets. Eventually, the qualified sawdust pellets are packaged and stored, ready to be supplied to the market.

Key Sawdust Pelletizer Machines and Production Lines: Investing Wisely      

sawdust pellet press machine
Flat Die Sawdust Pellet Press Machine & Ring Die Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

Flat Die Pellet Machines can accommodate different sizes and types of sawdust pellet production and are typically used in small wood pellet mills and medium scale production. The Flat die pellet making machine has a flexible power source option, which allows it to use a variety of power sources.  Diesel-driven sawdust pelletizer machines, gasoline sawdust pellet machines, electric sawdust pellet making machines and PTO (Power Take Off) sawdust pellet maker machines can be chosen by you. If you want to buy a sawdust wood pellet machine, you can choose the appropriate power source based on demand and available resources. Flat die sawdust pellet mills are relatively inexpensive and are more suitable for small scale production, such as individual users, farms or small factories. It is also suitable for DIY wood pellets from sawdust as a homemade sawdust pellet machine.

Ring Die Pellet Mill is more suitable for large-scale and industrial production. It usually has a higher throughput and is capable of meeting large-scale pellet production needs, but is correspondingly more expensive. Although ring die pellet mills are more expensive, their high throughput and efficiency provide a reliable solution for large-scale production, which makes ring die pellet machines one of the indispensable pieces of equipment in industrialized production environments.

Small Sawdust Pellet Plant - Small Sawdust Pellet Manufacturing Line

small sawdust pellet plant
Small Sawdust Pellet Line & Movable Sawdust Plant

  • Small Scale wood production line: Compact and efficient for small-scale pellet production, versatile to meet the needs of individual users, farms, and small pellet plants.
  • Mobile Pellet Plant: Combines crushing, mixing, conditioning, pelletizing, and cooling functions in one unit. Portable equipment, adapted to flexible scenarios, can be quickly installed at the point of demand to meet the needs of pellet production, suitable for a variety of geographic areas and scales.

Large Sawdust Pellet Plant - Large Sawdust Pellet Processing Line

compelet wood pellet plants
Large Sawdust Pellet Plant

  • Large Wood Pellet Plants: Highly efficient capacity, advanced equipment, high degree of automation, suitable for industrial-scale production, meeting a wide range of energy needs.
  Reference Price Production Range
Flat Die Pellet Mill >530 600-1000kg/h
Ring Die Pellet Mill 15,150 1-2.5t/h
Small Pellet Plant 9987 200-1000kg/h
Small Mobile Pellet Plant 28,000 200-600kg/h
Large Wood Pellet Production Line 68,000 1-40t/h

The above price list is only a reference price for the GEMCO sawdust pellet machine for sale. For detailed information about specific sawdust pellet machine prices, sawdust pellet production line costs, and sawdust pellet plant configurations, please feel free to consult us.

As one of the best sawdust pellet machine manufacturers in China, GEMCO's sawdust pelletizer machines and projects have been successfully exported to many countries such as the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. GEMCO has accumulated a wealth of successful experience in biomass pellet plant layout design and profitability. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to consult us.

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