Low-cost and High-quality Sawdust Pellets For Sale at Factory Prices

With the widespread use of biomass energy, countries around the world have increased their support for the biomass fuel industry to ensure the rapid and efficient development of the industry and make the awareness of energy-saving production more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, more and more investors have turned their attention to the sawdust pellet production industry. Investors do not have to worry about the development prospects of the industry, and do not have to worry about the sales of finished products.

sawdust pellets for sale at factory prices
Sawdust Pellets for Sale at Factory Prices

However, many customers have trouble choosing sawdust pellet machines. Due to the limitations of capital and technology, many customers purchase sawdust pellet processing equipment with uneven quality and frequent problems. So, how can investors buy more cost-effective equipment and increase profits?GEMCO Machinery will briefly introduce the advantages and uses of sawdust pellets in the following articles, and tell you what problems should be paid attention to during the process of buying and using sawdust pellet machine to produce high-quality pellets.We hope your sawdust pellet processing business can proceed smoothly.

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The Uses and Advantages of Sawdust Pellet Fuel

The sawdust pellet machine is a biomass pellet fuel processing machine with crop straw as the main raw material. What is its main purpose? Is it widely used?

Use of sawdust pellet fuel

In fact, the application of sawdust pellet machines is quite extensive. For example, corn stalks, cotton stalks, soybean stalks, rice stalks, wheat stalks, as well as weeds, branches, leaves and other waste materials can be used as raw materials.

sawdust pellet raw material
Sawdust Pellet Raw Material
  • Civil heating and domestic energy consumption: high fuel utilization rate and easy storage;
  • For industrial boilers: as the main fuel for industrial boilers, it can replace coal to solve environmental pollution;
  • Power generation: it can be used as a fuel for thermal power generation.

Advantages of sawdust pellet fuel

  • High heat generation. The calorific value is about 3900-4800 kcal/kg, and the calorific value after carbonization is as high as 7000-8000 kcal/kg;
  • High purity. Biomass pellet fuel does not contain other sundries that do not generate heat;
  • It does not contain sulfur and phosphorus and will not corrode the boiler, which can extend the service life of the boiler and reduce the cost of the enterprise; it will also not produce gas that pollutes the air and realize environmentally friendly production;
  • Clean and hygienic, convenient to feed materials, reduce the labor force of workers, improve the working environment, and reduce the cost of the enterprise;
  • The pellet shape compresses the volume, saves storage space, facilitates transportation, and reduces transportation costs.

Problems to Be Paid Attention to in the Process of Buying and Using Sawdust Pellet Machine

Sawdust pellet fuel is popular because of its environmental protection, low cost, and high heat generation, attracting many investors. So, what issues should investors pay attention to when buying and using sawdust pellet machines?

Should the Sawdust Pellet Machine Choose a Flat Die or a Ring Die?

In recent years, biomass pellet machine technology has become a trend that cannot be ignored, and different types and models of pellet machines also have their own advantages. Customers who do not understand the market will inevitably have troubles during the purchase process. In the production of sawdust pellets, should they choose a flat die pellet machine or a ring die? What are the differences between them?

The Difference Between Flat Die Pellet Machine and Ring Die Pellet Machine

  Ring Die Pellet Making Machine Flat Die Pellet Making Machine
Feeding method Using mechanical forced feeding, high-speed rotating centrifugal distribution into the granulation chamber. Rely on the weight of the material to enter the pressing chamber vertically.
Pressure The diameter of the pressure roller is limited by the diameter of the ring die, and the pressure will be limited. The diameter of the pressure roller is not limited by the diameter of the mold, and the bearing space inside the equipment can be enlarged.
Output Large output, low power consumption Relatively small output

  GEMCO Sawdust Pellets Machine For Sale at Factory Prices  
Regardless of whether it is a flat die pellet machine or a ring die pellet machine, it has its own advantages and disadvantages in the process of producing pellet fuel. GEMCO Machinery combines the advantages of the two and customer needs, after long-term research, launched a market-competitive horizontal ring die pellet machine. At present, this series of products has become the most mature sawdust pellet machine on the market.

hot sale sawdust pellet production line
Hot Sale Sawdust Pellet Production Line

Where Should the Sawdust Pellet Machine Bought Back by Investors Be Placed?

The location of the sawdust pellet machine is exquisite. It must be placed in a dry and clean room for use. There should be no acid and other organic corrosive gases in the air. Moreover, in order to prevent leakage, the ground of the grounding device must be grounded.

What Are the Issues That Should Be Paid Attention to When Processing Raw Materials?

Too wet raw materials have a high viscosity, which increases the risk of blockage of the pellet making machine. The water content of the raw materials entering the pressing room must be well controlled. Too wet raw materials should be dried with a dryer machine to avoid damage to the sawdust pellet machine.

The raw materials should be matched in thickness and unevenness. Uneven collocation will cause broken particles and stuck particles, which will cause the loss of molds.The feed of the pellet machine must be uniform, too much will cause the machine to block, and this will affect the service life of the pellet machine for a long time.(Related Post:How To Make Wood Briquettes From Wood Chips, Shavings & Sawdust>>)

Sawdust pellets produced from sawdust pellets making machines are widely used as fuel in various biological combustion plants, power plants, boiler plants, etc. As a project advocated all over the world, the prospects are extremely broad. If you are interested in starting a business plan for sawdust pellet processing, please contact us for a free quote. After years of polishing in the market, the ring die pellet machine produced by GEMCO Machinery is an extremely mature biomass pellet machine. At present, our products are running very stable, and they perform well in terms of single machine output and molding rate. So no matter how big the output you need, we strongly recommend this machine.

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