6TPH Complete Biomass Wood Pellet Machine Plant Build in Malaysia

buy biomass wood briquette machine

Buy Biomass Wood Briquette Machine

The 6 tons per hour biomass wood pellet plant project was installed and constructed by GEMCO Machinery in Malaysia. The main equipment includes wood chipper, hammer mill, drum dryer, pellet machine and packaging equipment. Our customers are professional engineers with rigorous attitude throughout the construction process. They demand all the perfection and quality of the final product. In this 120-ton pellet factory, they chose the most advanced ring die pellet machine, pretreatment crushing section, drum dryer, etc.Each area allows their customers to get high-quality final products.

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6T/H Biomass Sawdust Pellet Plant Project Installation and Commissioning Photos

set biomass pellet production line
Set Biomass Pellet Production Line
pelletizer machine for making wood pellets
Pelletizer Machine for Making Wood Pellets
complete line of pellet production
Complete Line of Pellet Production
purchasing a wood pellet mill
Purchasing a Wood Pellet Mill

After the completion of the project, Australian customers are very satisfied with our machine quality and professional engineer team, and also highly praise our thoughtful and timely after-sales service. If you have recently thought about buying a biomass pellet processing machine to start a business plan, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have installed engineering projects in The Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries.You can rest assured of the quality and material of the equipment produced by GEMCO Machinery!

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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Process of Purchasing and Using the Biomass Wood Pellet Machine?

Biomass pellet fuel is popular because of its environmental protection and low cost, attracting many investors. Then, in the process of purchasing and using the biomass wood pellet machine, what issues should customers pay attention to?

  • What kind of pellet machine is good for fuel?

This is the primary consideration when investing in the biomass industry. A suitable and durable machine is undoubtedly the most important thing in production. With the update of biomass pellet machines in recent years and the improvement of production technology, GEMCO Machinery has launched a horizontal ring die pellet machine with a wide range of applicable raw materials, stability and durability, and a yield rate of up to 99%. No matter how much output you need, this machine can meet your needs.

biomass pellet making machine for sale
Biomass Pellet Making Machine for Sale

This machine adopts the unique separation design of the spindle to ensure the concentricity of the equipment, stable and efficient operation, and reduce the failure rate of the equipment;The whole machine does not need to be shut down, and can realize 24-hour automatic intermittent lubrication, prolong the service life of the vulnerable parts of the equipment, improve the utilization rate, and reduce the cost.

  • Where should I put the purchased pellet machine?

The location of the pellet machine is very particular. It must be placed in a dry and clean room. There should be no corrosive gases such as acids and other organisms in the air.

  • What should I pay attention to when processing raw materials?

Too wet raw materials have high viscosity, which increases the risk of machine blockage. The water content of the raw materials entering the pressing room must be well controlled. Too wet raw materials should be dried with a dryer to avoid damage to the pellet machine. The raw materials should be matched in thickness. Uneven collocation will cause broken and stuck pellets, which will cause the loss of the mold. The feeding of the pellet machine must be uniform, too much will cause the machine to block, and this will affect the service life of the pellet machine for a long time.

  • How to maintain the biomass wood pellet machine?

After the pellet making machine has been in production for a period of time, it must be maintained and cleaned in time. Check the loose parts of the pellet machine every month, and check whether the movable parts such as bearings are flexible and worn. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time. If the machine is not used for a long time, clean the machine, apply anti-rust oil, and cover it with a cloth hood to ensure that the pellet machine can be used normally next time.

The performance of biomass wood pellet processing equipment mainly depends on the structural design of the equipment, which must meet the characteristics of the raw material itself and the processing requirements. The biomass pellet machine and other processing equipment produced by GEMCO Machinery are designed and debugged by our team of engineers. They have ten years of experience in biomass pellet commercial projects and know how the equipment can efficiently process pellets. So, contact us to start your biomass processing business!

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