crushing machine

Crushing machine is a kind of breaking machine and it is used to breaking some larger biomass raw materials into small size of materials. There are two types for the crushing machine. One type is integrated crusher and the another one is stump crushing machine. The former one also has two types, belt feeding type crushing machine and chain plate feeding type crushing machine. Both of the crushing machines have their own features, and they are the preferred breaking machines with the highest yield in our country.

The Belt feeding type crushing machine

belt feeding type crushing machine
Type GC-1400-800 GC-1400-500
Knife roll diameter(mm) 1100 800
Knife roll rotating speed(rpm) 926 926
Fly-cutter quantity(piece) 24 24
Main motor power(kw) 250 200
Production capacity(t/h) 25-28 18-20
Feeding port size(mm) 1400×800 1400×500
Whole machine weight(t) 24.6 18.6
Boundary dimension(mm) 11000×2480×3250 8600×2480×2800

Chain plate feeding type crushing machine

chain plate feeding type crushing machine
Type HX826 HX828
Knife roll diameter(mm) 650 800
Fly-cutter quantity(piece) 8 8
Feeding port size 1500×1500 1600×1500
Crushed materials length 30-50 30-50
Production capacity(t/h) 15-20 15-30
Weight(t) 9.8 11.2
Main motor power(kw) 75×2 110
Knife roll rotating speed(rpm) 590 590
Boundary dimension(mm) 3400×2500×3300 4000×2500×3300

Stump crushing machine

stump crushing machine
Type HX1250-500
Knife roll rotating speed(rpm) 650
Knife roll diameter(mm) 800
Fly-cutter quantity(piece) 4
Feeding port size(mm) 1250×500
Main machine weight(t) 7.8
Feeding motor power(kw) 7.5+5.5
Main motor power(kw) 132-160
Oil pump motor power(kw) 3
Feeding conveyor length(m) 6
Discharging conveyor length(m) 10
Boundary dimension(mm) 3300×3000×2230

Advantages of crushing machine

The machine has a wide range of raw materials, such as each kind of undersized log, slab, batten, log core, etc. The chain plate feeding crushing machine can adjust the feeding speed according to the main motor load, which can avoid no load or over load running, and the feeding will be more fluently, finally, the yield is increased greatly. The machine can be used in the large pellet mill production line and the large briquette production line, so the crushing machine can provide raw materials for the whole production line continuously.
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