Biomass pelletizing system for Maximizing Output and Profitability

What Is Biomass Pelletizing Production System Setup?

A biomass pelletizing system is a technology system that processes biomass raw materials like crop residues, wood waste, straw and so on into high-energy density and convenient for storage and usage through a series of steps including pretreating raw materials, pelletizing equipment, cooling and packaging, etc. The biomass pelletizing system can fully utilize renewable resources and reduce the usage of traditional energy, which plays an important role in sustainable development. According to different raw materials, different pelletizing system need to be setup.

commercial biomass pelletizing production system
Start A Pelletizing Production System For Biomass Pellet Plant

The Main Accompanying Equipment For Seting Up Biomass Pellet Machine Production Line

The main accompanying pelletizing equipment required to invest a biomass pelletizing plant process includes: raw material crusher, pellet machine, dryer, cooler, dust collector, screening machine and packaging equipment.

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Biomass Wood Pellet Machine Manufacturing Line

  • Raw Material Crusher

Crushing raw materials to achieve the suitable size required for palletization, ensuring that the size and shape of the biomass pellets which is crucial for the efficiency of the subsequent process.

  • Dryer

After crushing, biomass raw materials usually contain high humidity. To improve their combustion efficiency and storage stability, the materials need to be dried. The drying mill uses hot air to remove excess water from the materials, reducing their moisture content to an optimal level.

  • Pellet Machine

The pelletizing machine compress and heat the crushed raw material to the biomass pellets, causing them to bond and form dense, solid pellets.

  • Cooler

Biomass pellets may still retain some residual heat after drying, which can damage the pellet structure if not handled correctly. Pellet cooling machinery can cooling the pellets to prevent overheating and protect the pellet structure, increasing the hardness and stability of the pellets to make them more durable and uneasy broken.

  • Dust Collector

This equipment can effectively collect and filter pellets and dust generated during the production process to keep the production environment clean, the health of the operator and ensure the quality and purity of biomass pellets.

  • Screening Machine

The cooled pellets are then screened to remove any undersized or oversized pellets by screening equipment.

  • Packaging Equipment

The production of biomass pellets requires packaging for storage, transportation and marketing. Packaging equipment commonly includes automatic packaging machine, metering packaging machine to achieve effectively and accurately package. Proper packaging helps maintain the quality of the pellets and facilitates handling and distribution.

We offer a combination of equipment to create the perfect biomass pellet business production line. Whether you have any questions about your machines, want to gain a deeper understand, or require building a customized production line, we are here for you. Please flee free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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Different Sizes Of Biomass Pelletizing Production Line Setup

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commercial mobile pellet line from GEMCO
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Setup Samll Pellet Plant Production Line 
Mobile Wood Pellet Production Plant
Large Pellet Production Line For Sale 
  • Small Pellet Plant

Small pellet plant is a complete pelletizing line for making biomass wood fuel pellets. This equipment offers the advantages of small size and low investment, enabling cost-effective and efficient production. It is suitable for the pellet production needs of rural areas, small factories or self-employed people. Its compositions are as follows: crusher, conveyor, flat die pellet mill (or small ring die pellet mil), pellet cooler, and other auxiliary equipment.

  • Mobile Pellet Plant

The mobile pellet plant is a versatile and convenient wood pellet production equipment. It can be quickly moved and deployed in different locations. This equipment is suitable for temporary or remote production, allowing flexibility in meeting various production needs. Whether you have a farm, a construction site or a temporary production site, buying a mobile pellet plant is a convenient and efficient option. Its compositions are as follows: crushing, mixing, conditioning, pelletizing, cooling and other auxiliary equipment.

  • Large Pellet Production Line 

The large pelletizing plant line uses a series of advanced equipment to provide strong support for the production of high-quality particles. The large pellet production line equipment is designed for high-capacity production of wood pellets. This equipment is capable of processing a large volume of raw materials efficiently, making it an ideal choice for large-scale pellets manufacturing process. Its compositions are as follows: crushing, drying, ring die pellet mills, cooler, packageing machine and other auxiliary equipment. 

Successful Biomass Pellet Production Line Projects Setup By GEMCO Energy

Project Country
1TPH Bamboo Pellet Production Line Ghana
1.5~2TPH Biomass Pellet Plant for Chestnut Wood Italy
4.5TPH Wood Pellet Processing Plant  Korea
20TPH Industrial Wood Pellet Production Line  Vietnam

Modern biomass pellet production technology to help you achieve great business opportunities in the field of clean energy. With advanced high efficiency crusher and ring die pellet mill, you can achieve high production capacity, low energy consumption and consistent quality. We have built lost of large pellet processing line in different regions and countries, including UK, Australia,Canada, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Morocco, Hungary, Ghana, Nigeria, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, and more. Our customized service and intelligent control systems help you increase productivity and reduce costs. Choose GEMCO and you will have a competitive advantage to meet the growing market demands. Join the biomass pellet production industry, sail the road of sustainable development. Contact us now to seize the opportunity!

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