Raw Material Cleaning: Crucial Tactics of Advanced Animal Feed Milling Plant

Animal feed ingredients often contain a variety of impurities, even a small amount of impurities may seriously affect the quality of the finished feed. Therefore, before processing raw materials into pellets, animal feed milling plants should thoroughly clean up the impurities. The goal of cleaning impurities in the animal feed mill plant is not only to control the content of impurities in the finished animal feed, but also to ensure the safe operation of the animal feed processing machine in the animal feed production line, to reduce the loss of animal feed processing equipment, and to improve the sanitation of the production environment of the animal feed manufacturing plant. In this article, let's explore this vital link in animal feed pellet production line, to understand how the complete feed mill plant should choose cleaning equipment to remove impurities in raw materials. (Link to Mini Animal Feed Machinery and Large Feed Maker Machine>>)

animal feed pellet mill raw material cleaning processing
Raw Material Cleaning Process in Animal Feed Milling Plant

Buying Raw Material Cleaning Equipment: Factors to Keep in Mind

Animal feed milling plant ingredients are mainly categorized as plant raw material, animal raw material, and other additives. Plant and animal ingredients as well as vitamins and medicines are usually cleaned up during the production process and do not require additional handling. The focus of cleaning in animal feed mill plants is on grain-based ingredients and their by-products, while liquid ingredients such as molasses, oils and fats are cleaned and processed through equipment such as filters on the pipeline. These measures help to safeguard the quality and purity of feed ingredients and ensure the safety and quality of the final feed product. (Link to Small feed Mill Plant>>)

The following aspects should be considered when choosing the right cleaning equipment for an animal feed processing plant:

  •    Determine the animal feed manufacturing process according to the cleaning needs.
  •    According to the nature of the material (particle size, bulkiness, capacity), choose adaptable equipment. For example, granular materials can be used cylinder initial cleaning screen, powdered materials can be used powder cleaning screen.
  •    The capacity of cleaning equipment is usually 2~3 times the animal feed production capacity of the finished product in the workshop.
  •    Consider the cleaning effect of the equipment, operational reliability, as well as the layout, installation, operation and maintenance convenience.
  •    Consider factors such as animal feed machine price, manufacturing quality, accessories supply and after-sales service of the animal feed machine manufacturers.

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Selecting Cost-Effective Cleaning Solutions for Animal Feed Milling Plant

In the animal feed making process, animal feeding mill plants mainly rely on using the difference between raw materials and contaminant in physical properties for separating them. Commonly used methods include Screening and Magnetic Separation. Next, we will analyze in depth the use of these two methods and their role in animal feed manufacturing production. (Link to A Poultry Feed Milling Plant Business Plant>>)

Animal Feed Milling Plant Raw Material Cleaning Method: Sieve Cleaning Process

Screening technique is the use of sieve surfaces to separate materials and impurities according to their different sizes or particle sizes. Materials smaller than the size of the sieve holes pass through the sieve holes to become clean materials (under-screen material), while raw material contaminants larger than the sieve holes can not pass through the sieve holes and are effectively removed (on-screen material). This physical separation method is efficient and simple, widely used in animal feed manufacturing lines, improving the quality and safety of finished feed products. Commonly used screening equipment for feedstuffs includes the grid sieve and the preliminary cleaning sieve.

mesh belt primary clean screen cylinder primary clean screen vibration classification screen
Grid Sieve & Drum Type Pre-cleaner & Vibration Classification Screen

Grid sieve is usually set in the feeding entrance of the feed production plant, which is the first step of the cleaning process of the feed pellet production line. The design should consider a reasonable gap size, according to the size of the receiving material to determine. For example, corn, powdered by-products and paddy should be controlled within 3 cm of the screen gap; while the oil meal screen gap is suitable for 3 to 5 cm. At the same time, screened debris must be removed from the screen gap periodically to maintain screening effectiveness and productivity.

Pre-cleaner screen, in the animal food processing plant, includes endless screen pre-cleaner (mesh belt primary clean screen), drum type pre-cleaner (cylinder primary clean screen), and vibration classification screen. When choosing the primary screening, animal feed manufacturers should note that the handling capacity of the screen drum should be about 30% higher than the delivery capacity of the conveying equipment in the previous section of the process, to improve the screening efficiency.

Animal Feed Mill Raw Material Cleaning Method: Magnetic Separator Cleaning Method

In the feed, raw materials and animal feed production process often contain iron nails, bolts, small pieces of iron and other magnetic metal impurities. These, if not removed, can quickly damage animal feed manufacturing machine components, cause generator failure, and even lead to dust explosions or personnel injury. Metal impurities beyond the standard allowable content will affect the growth of livestock and poultry, contrary to the feeding standards. Therefore, it is vital to clean up metal impurities in the feed making process.

permanent magnetic cylinders permanent magnetic drums and grid magnetic separators
Permanent Magnetic Cylinder Magnetic Separator & Permanent Magnetic Drum Magnetic Separator & Grid Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separation equipment often used in feed mill plant processes include permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator, permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator and grid magnetic separator. When using magnetic separation equipment, the animal feed millers should put the magnetic separator after screening and before crushing. It can effectively remove metal impurities, prevent large pieces of debris from blocking the magnetic separator triggering accidental shutdowns, and safeguard the efficiency of iron removal and maintenance of subsequent equipment. Installing the magnetic separator on the pelletizing bin can prevent metal impurities from entering the animal feed pellet machine and protect the die of the animal feed pellet press machine from damage. Placing the magnetic separator on the upper part of the baling scale further removes metal impurities from the animal feed and ensures the safety of the finished feed pellets. These steps protect the feed raw materials and finished products from metal impurities and maintain the safety and quality of animal feed pellet production.

Raw material cleaning is an indispensable process for making pellets for animal feed, which plays a key role in ensuring the normal operation and safe production of animal processing equipment, ensuring the quality of feed and reducing the wear and tear of animal manufacturing production line parts. Besides, the selection of raw material cleaning equipment should be combined with the supporting facilities of the animal feed making line to optimize the animal feed mill layout design. Therefore, how to design the layout of the animal feed pellet making line, so that the raw material cleaning machine plays the best efficiency according to the animal feed business plan is also what animal feed companies need to pay attention to. (Learn more about the Process of Animal Feed Processing>>

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