Make Waste Paper to Pellets by Paper Pellet Mill

You may know that more than 60% of the estimated 17 billion cubic feet of wood felled globally each year is used for paper and pulp. In addition, it should be kept in mind that recycling newspaper saves about 1 ton of wood while recycling print or copy paper saves around 2 tons of wood. So, it is a good idea to make waste paper into pellets by biomass pellet mill for your own use or for business purpose.

Make Paper Pellets from Paper Waste
Make Paper Pellets from Paper Waste

The paper pellets made from paper waste meet the quality requirements of the energy system. Paper pellets has high density and its amount of Btu is similar to coal. Actually, the production cost of paper pellets are relatively low. The biggest cost of paper pellets is the transportation cost. Paper pellets contain less sulfur and produce less carbon monoxide than coal, making them more attractive. Compared to wood, paper has lower levels of formaldehyde. In addition, pelleting from recycled paper can effectively reduce waste at landfills. (Related Post: Wood Pellet Production Line >>)

How to Make Paper Pellets? What's Equipment Needed?

It is fairly simple to turn paper waste into recycled paper pellets. As GEMCO Senior Engineer explains” it starts with sorting the papers by fiber content, moisture content and adhesive content; then the sorted material is mixed and chopped, mixed and chopped again, and then pelletized in a paper pellet mill. The fresh pellets are then put through a cooler and sieve to remove the powder, and then stored in silos." If you there are any questions, contact us directly, we can offer full description or video to help you undestand the paper pellet production!

Process of Paper Pellet
Process of Paper Pellet

Based on the paper pellets production process, there are several equipment needed, they are:

  • Shredder to chop the paper materials into smallest pieces
  • Mixer serves for materials mixing
  • Paper Pellet Making Machine to finish the pelletizing process
  • Cooler is connected with the output pore of the pellet mill to reduce the pellet temperature and also get rid of the fine powders.

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GEMCO Paper Pellet Making Machine for Sales

GEMCO is the professional pellet mill manufacturer and supplier, we’re the first step that a customer takes to start moving away from burning coal. The paper pellet fuel is also a good option for boilers burning wet biomass, as the pellets make igniting easier, thereby improving boiler operation. (Related Post: How to Make Charcoal Briquettes?)

Small Paper Pellet Mill Machine
Small Paper Pellet Mill Machine

Our ZLSP R series small pellet mill provides flexible choice for paper pellets production. Its die compression ratio can be adjusted as per the materials. It is designed with a superior reducer to ensure the best pelletization effects and lower noise and stable operation. (Read More: GEMCO Pellet Machine Price >>)

Technical Data of GEMCO Small Paper Pellet Machine

Model Output Power Weight  Dimension
ZLSP 200B 80~120 kg/h 7.5 kw 215/245 kg 950*450*1050 mm
ZLSP 300B 250~350 kg/h 22 kw 540/575 kg 1350*750*1400 mm
ZLSP 400B 350~450 kg/h 30 kw 770/810 kg 1680*800*1450 mm
ZLSP 420B 400~600 kg/h 37+0.37 kw 1050/1100 kg 1680*650*1500 mm
550*450*1100 mm

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When the both sides of the die are used, the service life will prolong. In addition to paper waste, it can also be used to process sawdust, crop straw, rice husk, peanut shell, sugarcane bagasse and alfalfa, etc..(Related Post: Sawdust Briquette Making Machine >>)

Paper Pellet Mill Spare Parts
Paper Pellet Mill Spare Parts
Pelle Die of Pelletizing Equipment
Pelle Die of Pelletizing Equipment

Make Paper Pellets with GEMCO Paper Pellet Machine

Buy high quality paper pellet making machine to make high density paper pellets: Hot sale paper pellet machine provided by biomass pellet machine manufacturer or supplier, guide on process of paper pellet making and how to start paper pellet production business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana,South Korea, etc.

Customer Testimonial of GEMCO Paper Pellet Making Machine

The paper pellet mill machine is suitable for paper pellet production, from small scale to large scale. Below is one of GEMCO's customers who use the paper pellet mill to get rich.

Customer Buy Paper Pellet Machine from GEMCO
Customer Buy Paper Pellet Machine from GEMCO

"Hi, everyone, finally I get good paper pellet by GEMCO pellet machine, and the testing results are satisfying." Mr. David, who is a small waste recycle solution provider, said on his forum, he made a once-booming business on paper pellet with both comparable price and the ability to be handled just like coal.

Paper Scraps

Paper Pellets

"My business serves about 20,000 customers, including a few local schools, some printing companies and label makers. The newspaper, copy paper are the main headache, they seem very light weighted just in one page, but hell heavy when they are piled up in hundreds and thousands of layers, it is also annoying that these waste papers have been polluted and contain many toxic substances, which is not good for people to have a direct contact with it. I have to take a deadly trying to keep them dry and tide, to get a good price for resale them to the paper recycle company. But now I have more options and much better profit by making them into pellet fuels."

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