Cow Manure Pelletizing Equipment Making Cow Dung Organic Fertilizers

Speaking of cow dung in the farm, people feel it terrible. It pollutes the environment, which badly influence the living life of the around residents. One cow produces approximately 40 kg of dung, and in a farm are hundreds of cow, then how to deal with the cow dung? Actually, the cow manure has plenty of nutrition that the plants need, it is the ideal choice that making the cow dung into organic fertilizer. For a farm with 500 cow, building a small complete cow manure pelletizing equipment is very suitable.
Cow Dung

Why the cow dung can be made into organic fertilizer?

There are many elements inside of the cow dung, including 14.5% of organic matter, 0.30~0.45% of nitrogen, 0.15~0.25% of phosphorus and 0.10~0.15% of potassium, is one kind of valuable resource used for soil fertilizer in planting industry. The organic matter and nutrition content inside of the cow dung is low, with fine texture, high moisture content, slow decomposition, low calorific value, belonging to slow-acting fertilizer. The cow dung has lower nutrition content than chicken manure, pig manure (the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium content are low), what’s more, cow dung is cold organic fertilizer, with slow decomposition speed than chicken manure, pig manure, therefore, the fertilizer efficiency is much slower than chicken manure and pig manure.
turn cow manure into organic fertilizer

Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Processing

Cow dung organic fertilizer has two technical process including raw material compost and commercial organic fertilizer pelleting in the cow manure pelletizing equipment.

Raw Material Compost

Before composting the raw materials, you should preprocess the cow dung and rice husk, thus meeting the fermentation requirement of moisture and carbon nitrogen ratio. The moisture content of cow dung has big difference, in the farm the moisture can be 60%-80%, so that you should take some measures to decrease the moisture to 50%-60%. It is suggested that cow dung moisture adjustment adopts returning and mixing method to decrease the moisture, which means that add the cow with low moisture(about 30%) after fermentation into the cow dung material with high moisture, thus the total moisture content can be reduced after dry and wet material mixing efficiently.
Cow Manure Compost
If the moisture content is over 80%, there is another way to decrease the moisture, which is using the method of solid liquid separation of cow manure. Drying or drain off the cow dung, add into straw powder with the cow dung and straw powder ratio of 7:3, keeping the carbon nitrogen ratio of the straw powder which is the ingredients of cow dung in 19-23:1. Due to the bad outdoor heat preservation in winter of northern area, the compost period needs delay, or it can be stop seasonably; and in the rainy day, the raw materials needing composting is easy to be influenced, it is suggested to put a canopy over the rain.

Cow Manure Pelletizing Equipment Processing

Cow Manure Pelletizing Equipment Processing
Organic fertilizer cow manure pelletizing processing mainly consists crushing, mixing, pelleting, cooling, sieving and packing etc. The production capacity of one single cow manure pelletizing equipment plant is 1~10t/h as the optimum, too small one can not reach the economic scale, too large one increases the difficult in raw material and final products. According to the market requirements, organic fertilizer can be produced into pellets and powder as well. In order to balance the nutrition, suitable for transportation and storage, it is suggested that making the organic or inorganic compound fertilizer into pellets. The final pellet has a requirement for moisture content: for the organic fertilizer, it should be less than 20%; for the organic-inorganic mixed fertilizer, it should be less than 10%.
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