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Making Chicken Manure into Organic Fertilizer Pellets

Turning the chicken manure into renewable resource plays an important role in saving the resource and protecting the environment, able to promote the development of agricultural recycling economy and the sustainable development of animal husbandry. The method of chicken manure harmless treatment mainly refers to organic fertilizer manufacturing process. After dewatering and pelletizing, the poultry manure weight can be reduced by 40%, and the volume can reduce 40%-60%.

Making Chicken Manure into Organic Fertilizer Pellets

Common Process of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Pellets Manufacturing

Chicken Manure → Dewatering → Natural Drying  → Burden Mixing (optional) → Making Pellets → Cooling → Packaging (optional)→ Fertilizer Pellets for Sale

chicken manure organic fertilizer processing plant
Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant

When dealing with the chicken manure / dung / litter on poultry farm, you can make these headache wastes into organic fertilizer pellets. What you need to do is dewatering the chicken manure or poultry litter, sun-dry the dewatered manure and then use our small fertilizer pellet machine to pressing the manure into pellets, you can use the produced fertilizer pellets to plant fruit, vegetabels, flowers and crops.  


Main process Necessary Equipment
1. Dewatering Manure Dewatering Press Machine
2. Natural Drying Sun-dry is ok for small scale production line.
3. Mixing Mixing machine
4. Pelletizing Manure Fertilizer Pellet Mahing Machine
5. Cooling & Packing Cooling Machine, Bagging Machine

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Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Processing Technology

As we all know the original chicken manure have a very high moisture content. Besies, there are a lot of microorganisms and harmful bacteria which cannot be used as fertilizer directly. 

chicken manure dewatering press machine
Manure Dewatering Press Machine

chicken manure organic fertilizer pellet machine
Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machines


Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Processing Steps

  • Dewatering: Dewatering is very necessary. It means pressing the water or liquid manure out meanwhile leaving the solid manure to processing into pellets. 
  • Natural Drying: Dry the dewater manure under the sun in the open air. Through the dewatering press machine, the manure / dung / litter / drooping finished the fermentation, can be used directly or used for making organic fertilizer pellets.
  • Airing naturally: After the dewatering, you can put the chicken manure in the ventilated place or a place under the sun.
  • Mixing: This process is to meet the requirement of the people who have special requirements for fertilizers, you can mix the special additives with the chicken manure.
  • Making Pellets: New manure organic fertilizer pellet machine designed with chicken manure organic fertilizer processing technology is used in this step.

Due to the livestock / poultry manure organic fertilizer machine is equipped with screening and feeding system from the pelleting system, the pellet diameter has a certain of difference, which needs screening. The rotary screen requires small vibration, small noise, easy to change the screen, screen cleaning device equipped. It is suggested equip auto material returning system to screen the unqualified pellets. After conveying by the belt elevator for re-crushing in the animal manure organic fertilizer machine, helping to improve the continuous production ability.

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  • Fertilizer Pellets Cooling: The freshly finished manure pellet has high temperature, needing to cool in the outdoor temperature for better storage. You can put the finished manure pellet in the ventilated place for natural cooling, or you can equip the professional cooling machine to cool the temperature in a short time.
  • Packaging: The cooled maure organic pellets are sent to the final product silo by the bucket elevator and then automatically quantitative weighing and packing. With packing, the produced organic fertilizer pellets can be easily transported to anywhere easily, meanwhile reducing the transportation cost effectively.

The chicken manure organic fertilizer making process mentioned above is the typical process of manure organic fertilizer processing technology. And we can customize the special cow manure fertilizer pellets production solution based on your requirement and actual condition. Would you like to know how much does setting up one organic fertilizer processing production costs? Please contact us!

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