Say Goodbye to Waste: Manure Pellet Machine for Sustainable Agriculture

Poultry and livestock manure from chicken, cow, horse, sheep, pig, etc. is regarded as a kind of waste to most people. But in fact, it is a valuable resource of organice fertilizer. If farmers want to use raw manure as fertilizer, the raw manure needs to be dehydrated, and then ferment it to a ripe state before using it. However, if you want to produce high quality organic fertilizer for sales, native fermentation could not achieve a good effect of ranching, the nutrient composition was not balanced, and the supply of trace elements was lacking. Making fertilizer pellets from manure can solve above mentioned problems!

Turning Chicken, Worm and Cow Poo into Dough – Money!

Make Manure Into Fertilizer
Make Manure Into Fertilizer

How to Make Poultry and Livestock Manure into Fertilizer?

How to turn poultry waste into profit? Here we provide two solutions to make manure into organic fertilizer. You can choose it according to your actual budget, needs and requirements. If there are any questions about the technical process or equipment price, just tell us without hesitation!


manure pellet production
Animal Manure Fertilizer Pellet Mill Plant

  • Small Scale Breeding Farms, Poultry or Livestock Farmers

You only need buy a small manure drying machine and a small pellet machine, you can turn the manure into organic fertilizer pellets for farm use, self-use, or for sale. Or, if you don’t have too much budget, after dehydration by manure dewatering press, the manure can also be used after natural drying.

  • Medium to Large Scale Farms or Fertilizer Producers

To efficiently deal with these poultry or livestock manure in medium or large scale farm, building a complete manure fertilizer pellet processing plant would be cost-effective and feasible. It is mainly designed with fermentation section and pelletizing section. It is a worthy investment for large animal farms or organic fertilizer manufacturers.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Commercial Organic Fertilizer Pellet Production Process and Equipment

The manure organic fertilizer pellet production process is almost the same with animal feed pellet manufacturing process, except of the manure dewatering process. If you are going to set up a complete manure fertilizer pellet plant, a brief manure fertilizer pellet production process would be useful.

Manure Fertilizer Production Process
Manure Fertilizer Production Process

  • Manure Fermentation

Different from making pellets from other biomasses, the first step of making poultry and livestock manure pellets would be dehydration treatment or drying. Then, it will go through fermentation, which can remove a large number of escherichia coli, antibiotics, root-knot nematodes and so on in chicken manure, which is more conducive to plant growth. The fermentation tank can fullfil the functions of dewatering and fermentation process.

  • Manure Mixing

Then, mixing the manure with necessary nutrition substances to improve the quality of final organic fertilizer.

  • Manure Pelletizing

When the manure powder is fed into the manure pellet machine, it will be pressed by the great pressure inside the pellet machine. Then manure pellets are made.

  • Pellets Cooling

Then goes the cooling step for manure pellets. After that, the pellets can be burned in boiler, or used as fertilizer in soil. (Related Equipment: Pellet Cooler >>)

Small Manure Pellet Production Line
Small Manure Pellet Production Line
Setup Manure Pellet Manufacturing Plant
Large Scale Manure Pellet Manufacturing Plant

GEMCO is the professional pellet mill manufacturer and offers turnkey solutions for fertilizer pellets making. Our service includes before-sale, in-sale and after-sale, like factory design, equipment selection, project onsite installation and commissioning, operation training, etc. Our professional equipment can greatly improve energy efficiency and lower the production cost! If you are interested in, please contact us to get the customized plan for manure fertilizer pellet making!

Portable Small Manure Dewatering Press for Farm or Business Use

Poultry Manure Dewatering Machine for Sale
Poultry Manure Dewatering Machine for Sale
Chicken Manure Dewatering Equipment Supplier
Chicken Manure Dewatering Equipment Supplier

Manure drying equipment is specially designed for dehydration treatment of excrement in livestock and poultry farm. It is composed of mesh screen, extruding winch, decelerating motor, unloading device, machine base, etc. With the manure dryer, the water contained in chicken manure or cow dung can be easily dehydrated, then these poultry or livestock excrement can be separated into solid organic fertilizer or liquid organic fertilizer. 

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Hot Sale Manure Pellet Machine at Factory Price

The manure pellet machine to turn poultry and livestock manure into fertilizer pellets can be Flat Die Pellet Mill and Ring Die Pellet Machine. Both are great for fertilizer pellets making. In general, the flat die pellet mill is suitable for small scale pellet production, while ring die pellet mill is designed for large scale pellet manufacturing. You can choose them based on your actual needs. (Related Post: GEMCO Pellet Machine Price >>)

Small Manure Pellet Machine
Small Manure Pellet Machine
Large Manure Pellet Mill
Large Manure Pellet Mill

Types of Poultry and Livestock Manure Pellet

Chicken Manure Pellet
Chicken Manure Pellet
Horse Manure Pellet
Horse Manure Pellet
Cow Sheep Manure Pellet
Cow Sheep Manure Pellet
Chicken Manure Pellets

Chicken manure can provide boron and a lot of trace minerals. Therefore, chicken manure pellets are good source of soil fertilizer. And the pellet form also makes it more convenient to use. But if you want to use chicken manure pellets as fuel, you must bear their unpleasant smell.

Horse Manure Pellets

Horse manure pellets can be made from both horse manure and waste horse bedding. As horse manure contains straw (biomass) with high energy content, the pellets made from it can be good source of fuel. You can use the horse manure pellets in heating boiler. And if you do not care about the smell, you can use horse manure pellets at home.

Cow or Sheep Manure Pellets

Cow manure (or called cow pie) is also a good source of pellets fuel making because it contains straw or stalk. For those who raise cow or livestock, it is a profitable way to make manure into pellets and then burned in boiler.

The deteriorating environment teaches us to find renewable energy sources and make full use of the biomass waste. And making poultry or livestock manure into pellets to use as organic fertilizer or fuel is a wise idea. So we can say the manure pellet machine contributes to environment protection and also provides benefits or even profits to users.

Manure (g/kg DM)
Organic Manure N P K
Compost (6X) 40.00 11.73 29.10
Chicken Manure 22.61 15.21 28.97
Cowdung 32.55 6.05 56.97
Horse Manure 13.66 4.15 24.68
Sheep Manure 19.26 5.70 22.51
Chicken Manure Pellet 40.00 25.00 23.00

Manure Pellet Make Working Video

Manure Pellet Machine Makes Good Organic Fertilizer – Buy High Quality Manure Pellet Machine to Make Organic Fertilizer: Hot Sale Manure Pellet Machine Offered by Pellet Mill Manufacturer or Supplier, Guide on Process of Organic Fertilizer Pellet Making and How to Start Organic Fertilizer Pellet Making Business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

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