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ZLSP420 R-type Pellet Press Developed

ZLSP420 R-type pellet press is newly developed by GEMCO (branch of ABC Machinery) technical team after years of researching and absorbing customer feedback.

As R-type (roller rotating) pellet mill, it is more suitable for making wood pellets from pine, fir, beech, paulownia, eucalyptus, birch, poplar, fruit tree, bamboo, and crop straw, etc. This pellet press offers an ideal solution to the difficulty of pelletizing crude fiber biomass materials.

zlsp420 pellet press

Technical datas
Model Power Pellet diameter
ZLSP420B 37kW 6, 8, 10 400-600 1100 1630*620*1400
ZLSP420A 46kW
6, 8, 10 400-600 1200 2590*660*1400
ZLSP420P 37-48kW 6, 8, 10 400-600 700 1500*850*1400

This model pellet press has 3 power supply choices: B represents electric motor driven, A represents diesel engine driven, while P symbolizes PTO (power taken off). So users can choose according to their own need.

Features of ZLSP420 R-type pellet press

  1. The roller and bearings of main shaft are auto lubricated. The bearings work in closed room, so that both bearings and grease are isolated from pollution. Such design can not only save time on maintaining the machine, but also extend the service life of bearings.
  2. The R-type design (roller rotating instead of flat die rotating) allows the raw material to enter the pellet press vertically, this can on one hand prevent material blocking, on the other hand make it easy to press coarse fiber material, so that the raw material range is wider, and no additive is needed.
  3. There is a temperature detector equipped on the flat die, so that the operator can be clear of the machine operation status without delay.
  4. The flat die of the pellet press is made from alloy steel (42CRMO) and processed by vacuum heat treatment, therefore its wear-resistance and hardness are high, and the service life is prolonged.
  5. All the holes on flat die are processed by fully automatic CNC drill with high precision and glossiness. It can improve machine productivity and decrease production cost.
  6. This pellet press adopts heavy-duty reducer. All gears adopt helical tooth and are processed by grinding, so they have low noise and strong bearing capability.
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