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Why Cat Litter Pellet Machine is a Hot Sale in Australia

The introduction of a cat litter pellet machine came as a welcome reprieve for cat lovers worldwide. In a country like Australia, you will find that cats are second common household pets next to dogs. With over twenty-nine percent of households owning at least one cat, the estimation is fifteen cats for 100 individuals. Considering that in 2016 Australia had 3.3 million pet cats it is no surprise that the cat litter is a huge industry.
cat litter pellet machine
small cat litter pellet machine
Europe especially in Australia and New Zealand are the cat litter pellet machine a hot sale with the number of cat owners continuously growing. We look at what cat litter pellet machinery is and what it does for both home owners and large commerce too. Various types of equipments are available on the market using raw materials such as pine wood, paper pulp and more. Wood pellets for example is a timber industry byproduct and one of the most environmentally friendly cat litter.
A wood cat litter pellet machine is ideal for home use and driven by methods including electricity, diesel, gasoline and more. A pine pellet machine in Australia is one of the popular machines with the abundance of pine needles, pine twigs and pine leaves. The Australian homeowner often use a small hammer mill to crush raw materials and after drying the materials, feed it to their small pine pellet machine.
electricity diesel pto cat litter pellet machine
Pelleting the materials gives homeowners and cat lovers peace of mind as both cats and owners have dust-free and healthy cat litter. Various types of machines are on the market with the increasing number of cat owners realizing the amount of money saved by using their own cat litter pellet machine. The supply ability for a small litter machine which is another hot sale in Australia is 20 sets of litter per month. A pellet machine come in different sizes and pricing for example a small household machine like a flat die series pellet mill uses rolling technology to produce cat litter.
Owning a cat litter pellet machine comes with advantages such as:
  • Always having hygienic cat litter.
  • Always having service from your machinery.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Production as it suits you.
  • High efficiency machines.
A compact pellet machine is always a hot sale as it is small for home use and simplicity in use. Manufactured according to European standards and internationally advanced technology they are manufactured for low noise, reliability, stability good transmission and gear driving system. Depending on models will pellets vary in size, main power source, conditioner power, feeder power as well as production capacity.
small cat litter pellet line
small cat litter pellet line
Cat owners will nevertheless never have a litter shortage as on average can they expect from a small entry level pellet machine to produce 100kg an hour with a pellet size of 4 to 12mm. No homeowner or cat will live in unhygienic conditions when investing in a pellet machine. A large commerce machine on the other hand easily produce 2 to 18 tons per hour.
Australian business owners also invest in large commerce machine to produce large amounts of cat litter for retail. A cat litter pellet machine for large commerce are often bentonite granules which uses powder particles to produce effective high-quality pellets. Dry rolling technology is used in this method where power is compressed with moisture to produce tablets. These tablets are then broken through dry roll press to produce granules and pellets.
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