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Biomass pellet machines play a vital role in renewable energy sector and they can also be used in agriculture to make animal feed. Biomass fuel pellet making machine can process biomass raw materials into high-efficient biomass pellet fuel, providing a sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to replace traditional fossil fuels. And many countries introduce policies to support and encourage the development of renewable energy and biomass energy and as people raise their awareness of environmental protection, the need for biomass pellet manufacturing equipment will increase. And with the development of technology and science, the technology of biomass pelletizing machines is so constantly innovating and improving. The new commercial biomass pellet machine is cost-effective and environment-friendly, which improves production efficiency and product quality and further boosts the development of the market. 

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Biomass Fuel Pelletizing Machine From GEMCO

Cost-effective Biomass Pelletizing Machine Models To Boost Productivity And Reduce Expenses

Before selecting proper biomass pelletizing mill, we should know their different types and characteristics. According to working principle and structure characteristics, biomass pellet machine can be divided into two types: flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet machine.

  • Flat Die Pellet Mill

This is a common and economical biomass pellet machine. It is usually suitable for small-scale production and featured simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. Flat die biomass pellet makers are very effective for making smaller size pellets, but they have a capacity limitation when the production volume is larger. It is the ideal equipment for small farming company pellet production and processing organic fertilizer production company.

  • Ring Die Pellet Machine

It is usually suitable for larger-scale production. It has higher productivity and efficiency because their structure design can reach higher pressure and a more stable palletization. Ring die pellet machine has simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor space and low noise. However, compare to flat die pellet machine, ring die biomass pellet machine price is usually expensive and are more suitable for industries that require high-capacity production. 

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Homemade Flat Die Pellet Making Machine (Left) & Large Wood Ring Die Pelletizing Machine (Right)

Parameters of Large Ring Die Pellet Machine and Small Flat Die Pellet Machine

Type Capacity  Power (KW) Packing Size (MM) Net Weight (KG)
Large Ring Die Pellet Machine 1.2~1.5/1.5~2.0Ton/H Main Motor 90 2500*1100*1900(2300) 3T
Feeding Machine 1.5
Conditioner Motor 2.2
1.5~1.8/2.0~2.5Ton/H Main Motor 110 2800*1100*1900(2300) 3.7T
Feeding Machine 1.5
Conditioner Motor 2.2
Small Flat Die Pellet Machine 400-600 kg/h 37 1630*620*1400 1100 kg
46(62hp) 2590*660*1400 1200 kg
37-48 1500*850*1400 700 kg

The table above presents a parameter comparison between the large ring die pelletizing mill and the small flat die pelletizing mill. It also is a brief introduction to the parameters of our products. If you are interested in other products or need help starting a pellet production line, feel free to contact us for more information.

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A Guide On Selecting and Maximzing A Business Biomass Pelletizing Machine 

Choosing a biomass pellet mill is crucial for ensuring efficient and cost-effective pellet production. There are many biomass pellet machines on the market, so it is essential to consider several factors before buying a machine. Here are some factors to help you select the most suitable biomass pellet machine for your specific needs as follows:

  • Production Capacity:

Determine your capacity and output according to your produce requirement. If you are a small scale producer, flat die biomass pellet machines will be a great choice. But if you intend to apply a large scale industry, ring die pellet machine is suitable for you.

  • Feedstock Compatibility:

Different biomass pellet mills have different characteristics, such as water content, hardness and crush degree. You should consider the characteristics of feedstock to make sure that produce high-quality pellets.

  • Quality And Reliability Of Machine:

Choose a high-quality equipment from reliable biomass pellet machine manufacturers to ensure long-time and stable working and effective production. You should check manufacturers’ evaluation and feedback in reputation, technology supporting, after-sale service, which can help you make a wise decision.

  • Budget Considerations:

Except for biomass pellet machine prices, you need to consider the cost effectiveness of operating cost and expected returns. It is also necessary to consider the cost effectiveness of operating costs and expected returns. This includes the rewards of your investments, energy consumption, maintenance costs, etc. Only by combining these factors can you find the best option for your budget.

  • Expandability And Flexibility:

Considering this factor is to deal with possible future expansion of starting a biomass production line or changes in the type of raw materials. Therefore, choosing a machine featured adjustable pellet sizes and applicable different raw materials will give you more production options. 

If you are planning to buy a biomass pelletizing machine, but do not have the relevant knowledge on how to choose the right pellet manufacturing equipment at a reasonable price. Please contact us, we, GEMCO, are professional. We can provide customized business plans to your budget and help you get the BEST equipment. You are welcome to contact us at any time for further information. We will reply to you as soon as possible!

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What Are Biomass Pellets Made Of?

Biomass pellets are primarily made of organic materials by different biomass pellet machinery . They commonly include:

  • Wood: sawdust, wood chips.
  • Agricultural Residues: straw, corn stalks, hulls, rice bran and bagasse.
  • Food and Food Processing Waste: nut shells, fruit peels, coffee grounds, and olive pits.

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Biomass Materials For Fuel Pellets

If you have any problems about choosing pellet machines at low cost and high output, please contact us at any time, we will offer you the BEST service!

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