How to Make Homemade Chicken Feed With Low-Cost In Kenya?

Is it necessary for the breeding chickens to configure a feed pellet machine to make their own feed? In fact, chicken breeding is a very traditional breeding project. If you want to reduce production costs, you can consider self-processing feed. According to the current feed trend, the price is rising more and more fiercely, and the price of full-price feed fluctuates. Making homemade chicken feed pellets can not only reduce the output cost of feed, but also make your own more nutritious feed. It can not only reduce the input of food, but also promote the acceleration of the growth rate of poultry and livestock.

how to make homemade chicken feed

How to Make Homemade Chicken Feed

So how to make homemade chicken feed pellets with low cost? GEMCO Machinery will introduce the process flow of homemade chicken feed in detail in the following content to help you start your business investment plan.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Process design of self-made chicken feed pellets

Regarding the pellet feed manufacturing process, the specific process of different chicken feed production lines is different. The content explained in this article is based on the most basic homemade chicken feed process as an example. The specific process design and process treatment can be fine-tuned according to the actual situation of the producer.

What Are the Parts of the Manufacturing Process of Homemade Chicken Feed Pellets?

  • Crushing section: Use a crusher to process raw materials such as straws into suitable sizes.
  • Conveyor section: The crushed material enters the conveying equipment through the feeding port, and is lifted to a height to prepare for the next granulation work.
  • Granulation section: The uniformly mixed materials enter the ring die pellet machine for making feed pellets. The freshly produced pellets are still in a high humidity and high temperature state. A cooling device can be configured for drying and cooling. If the budget is insufficient, it can also be air-dried naturally.

2tph chicken feed pellet mill

2TPH Chicken Feed Pellet Mill

The ring die pellet feed unit is a feed processing equipment that produces various concentrated feed pellets in small household feed factories and feedlots.It is of great significance to feed maturation, increase nutrition, increase absorption rate, kill germs, storage and transportation, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of animal husbandry.

So what problems should be paid attention to in the specific operation of homemade chicken feed pellets? The problem to pay attention to is the matching of equipment in the entire unit. The design of the unit is to select specific machinery according to the output of all equipment. The output of each machine can be too large or not too small, so as not to reach the expected output.(Related Post:Poultry Feed Pellet Plant Make Chicken Feed Pellets Shipping To Australian Client>>)

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3 Tips for Making Your Own Chicken Feed Pellets

  • Calculate nutrient requirements according to feeding standards

According to the breed, age, growth and development stage, production purpose and production level of the chickens to be raised, appropriate feeding standards should be selected, the nutritional requirements of the chickens should be calculated, and the utilization rate of feed particles should be maximized.

  • Choose a variety of feed additives

Such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. Different additives should be selected according to different types of chickens, ages, production purposes and production levels.

  • Maintain the relative stability of the diet

Chicks and laying hens are very sensitive to changes in diets. Do not change the well-matched feed easily. Pay attention to the gradual transition of diet changes in different feeding stages. It takes about 7 days to give the chickens a gradual adaptation process. At the same time, it is necessary to appropriately adjust the dietary formula according to different seasons, different production levels, different production stages and changes in feed market prices.

Small Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Installation & Commissioning Video

The Benefits of Homemade Chicken Feed Pellets

  • Improved digestibility and utilization of feed

Chickens especially like to eat pelletizing food, so if the food is made into pellets, the chicken intake will be significantly increased. At the same time, feeding the chicken with processed pellet feed will greatly improve the digestibility and utilization of the feed. Because chickens eat pellet feed for a long time before they can swallow it after chewing, the food that has been chewed enough and many times enters the stomach for easy digestion and absorption.

  • Able to achieve nutritional balance

The pellet feed is made according to the nutritional needs of chickens and the nutritional components of various forage feeds. The formula is different according to the different growth stages of the chickens and different production types, so that the chicken's diet will be comprehensive. It cannot be achieved by any form of feeding method.

  • Low feed processing cost

The method of preparing chicken pellet feed is simple and can be mastered by general farmers, especially the advent and promotion of pellet feed machines at present provide a basis for the application of pellet feed.At the same time, the cost of making pellets does not increase much, and practice has proved that it is very suitable for poultry feed investment.

different types for chicken feed
Different Types for Chicken Feed

Finally, in fact, for the feed pellet machine, it can not only make chicken feed pellets but also pig, cattle, sheep, duck, goose, and even fish feed pellets. The machine has a high return rate. As the old saying goes, "do it yourself, get enough food and clothing", Homemade chicken feed pellets can not only save farmers the cost in the feeding process, but also enable investors to better understand the role and effect of these feed ingredients for poultry and livestock.

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