Detailed Description of the Production Process of Biomass Pellets

Biomass pellets refer to the pellets formed by crushing agricultural and forestry wastes such as corn, wheat, cotton, rice, straw or sawdust, leaves, etc., into a pellet making machine, and squeezing the crushed product through the friction force generated by the movement of the pressure roller and the mold.Biomass pellets can be used as a special fuel for cooking and heating, and can also replace coal as the main fuel for biomass industrial boilers and thermal power generation. Biomass pellets have the characteristics of convenient transportation, convenient storage, and high combustion efficiency.For investors who want to build a biomass pellet processing plant to develop a low-carbon economy and make profits, this is a project that has the best of both worlds.

biomass pellet production guide
Biomass Pellet Production And Investment Guide

Starting the biomass pellet machine production business can be said to be a big investment, so we must first determine the raw material production process before investing or even becoming a manufacturer. Only by understanding clearly in advance can it be put into use without rushing. As a pellet machine supplier with 10 years of experience, GEMCO Machinery will provide you with detailed guidelines for the production of biomass pellets to help your plant construction plan proceed more smoothly.

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Detailed Introduction to the Production Process of Biomass Wood Pellets

The production process of wood pellets consists of screening, drying, separation, molding and granulation, cooling, packaging and other steps. The density of biomass pellet raw materials is generally 0.1-0.13t/m3, and the pellet density after molding is 1.1-1.3t/m3, which is convenient for storage and transportation, and greatly improves the combustion performance of biomass.

biomass pellet making materials

Biomass Pellet Making Materials

  • Screening: The raw materials are sent to the screening machine through a conveyor for screening to remove large wood blocks or iron nails and other sundries.
  • Drying: The sieved raw materials are supplied to the dryer machine through a screw conveyor for drying, and the water content of the drying is more stringent.
  • Cyclone separation: After the raw materials are dried, in the process of conveying, there is a large amount of moisture after passing, and the moisture is discharged through the cyclone separator.
  • Pelletizing and molding: Biomass pellet machine is the key equipment of the production line. The flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine produced by GEMCO Machinery can meet the processing needs of small and large pellet factories, with stable operation and good quality.
flat die pellet mill machine
flat die pellet mill machine
ring die pellet making machine
ring die pellet making machine


  • Cooling: The temperature of the processed pellets is as high as 80-90℃, and the structure is relatively loose and easy to be destroyed. It needs to be cooled to normal temperature through a cooling system.
  • Packing: Packing and measuring the processed finished pellets.

The Parts That Determines the Biomass Pellet Machine Output and Pellet Quality

The compression ratio of the mold of the biomass pellet machine determines the quality of the biomass pellets. The quality of the biomass pellets has nothing to do with the model size of the pellet machine, and has nothing to do with the flat die, ring die, and vertical ring die.Only the compression ratio of the mold is the key to controlling the quality of biomass pellets. Moreover, the output produced by the biomass pellet machine is also directly related to the compression ratio of the equipment.

What is the Compression Ratio of the Ring Die Pellet Machine?

The ratio of the ring die of the pellet machine refers to the compression ratio, which is the ratio of the effective length of the ring die hole to the minimum diameter of the ring die hole, and it is an indicator reflecting the compression strength of the wood pellets. 

Simply put: the compression ratio of the pellet machine mold = the effective length of the mold hole / the diameter of the mold hole.

How to Choose a Suitable Compression Ratio?

On the premise of selecting the pellet machine mold, we should select the appropriate aperture, opening rate and compression ratio according to the specific gravity of the production material. Under the premise of ensuring the strength of the ring die, we should try to increase the opening rate of the ring die. For some raw materials, under the condition of ensuring a reasonable compression ratio, the wall of the ring die is too thin, and die cracking will occur during production.At this time, under the premise of ensuring the effective length of the die hole, increasing the thickness of the ring die and the length of the release hole is an effective method to prevent mold explosion.

The quality of pellets produced by the biomass pellet machine depends on the compression ratio of the ring die. The larger the compression ratio, the longer the pellet passes through the abrasive tool, the greater the extrusion resistance and the stronger the extruded pellets. However, if investors do not have high requirements for the molding rate of the produced pellets, then the compression ratio can be appropriately reduced, which can not only increase the output, but also appropriately extend the service life of the mold and the pressing roller.

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As food prices continue to rise, crops that were directly discarded can be reprocessed by wood pellet machines and straw pellet machines to become feeds required for breeding; in addition, the wood chips processed by wood pellet machines or straw pellet machines can be used for reprocessing. Directly sent to power plants to replace coal as a new energy source. Such a substantial cost reduction has been recognized by more and more investors. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about so many problems when you buy a biomass pellet machine for your business. The operation is simple and fast. If you have any questions, you can consult GEMCO machinery to help you directly create more economic benefits.(Related post: How To Choose Your Own Fuel Pellet Mill>>)

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