advantages and applications of biomass briquetting press

biomass briquetting press
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In recent years, the resources, especially non-renewable resources are decreasing sharply, and the natural environment is becoming worse because of the fast industrial development. Thanks to people’s awareness of environmental protection, the biomass briquetting press is invented.

The biomass briquetting press machine is also called charcoal briquetting press, since the biomass briquettes are usually carbonized into charcoal briquettes. (Learn about how to make charcoal briquettes.)

The charcoal briquettes made from biomass briquetting press have the following advantages:

1. Environmental friendly: the briquettes made by biomass briquetting press are carbonized inside a sealed furnace, so that to prevent the air pollution caused by raw wood charking.

2. High energy content: the charcoal briquettes made by biomass briquetting presses have 80% of charcoal, calorific value of 7500-8000kcal/kg and high density, so they are durable to burn. While the ordinary charcoal has low carbon content and calorific value of 6500kcal/kg.

3. Clean: the charcoal briquettes have no smoke, no spark, no ash, and little ash content and are easily combusted than raw biomass briquettes and ordinary charcoal.

biomass briquettes charcoal briquettes

4. Regular shape: the charcoal briquettes made from the biomass charcoal briquetting press have regular shape, so they are easy to store and transport. The hollow design makes it easy to burn.

5. Higher price: the pleasant appearance, smooth or even shining surface will give charcoal briquettes a higher selling price. Usually the price of charcoal briquettes is 10-40 times of production cost.

6. Low moisture content of 5%: ordinary charcoal has higher moisture content.

7. The charcoal briquetting press machine can use the residue raw materials for second processing.

Application of charcoal briquetting press:

In many countries there are large amount of agro or forest waste every year, while most of them are wasted instead of made use of. As a matter of fact, tree branches, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo powder, etc. are good raw material for charcoal briquette making.
The charcoal briquettes produced by biomass briquetting press have wide applications:
  • charcoal briquettes burningIn industrial field: the charcoal briquettes are used as industrial materials in metallurgy, chemical industry carburization, rubber plant, etc.
  • In agriculture: the charcoal briquettes can be used to increase ground temperature, improve soil, keep soil moisture, improve soil acid-base property or used as alleviator of organic fertilizer.
  • In daily life: charcoal briquettes are used for heating, BBQ, or frying tea. They are also used to adjust room temperature, humidity and eliminate harmful gas.
With economy developing, the demand of charcoal has kept increasing in recent years. So making economical charcoal briquettes has become a good business opportunity. As a result, investing into briquetting press will bring you great economical profit.

By Shirley Wang

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