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Produce Animal Pellets VS Biomass Pellets

Animal raws can be also eat feed pellets, and they are produced to feed animals. The raw materials are be eaten directly by the animal, but the effect is Not the better than the feed pellets. The biomass pellets are usually used as fuels, they can be used in the household fireplace, furnace and other places. The raw materials include wood, chips, sawdust, seed powders, peanut shells, stalks, rice husk , Household waste and so on. Although they are for different usages, their processing steps are the same.

Animal Pellets VS Biomass Pellets

Processing steps of the animal pellets and biomass pellets

  • The raw materials are processed into the proper size and the moisture content of the raw materials should be also also proper, then the pellets quality can be guaranteed.
  • After preparing the raw materials, you can start to produce pellets. The main parts of the pellet mill, die and roller will work together and press the raw materials into rods, then the cutter will cut them into pellets with certain length.
  • The pellets being produced have high temperature, so you need to cool them by the cooling machine or by the natural cooling method until the pellets temperature gets to the environment temperature. Then they are molded and you can use them.

ABC Machinery pellet mills

feed VS biomass pellet mill

The pellet mills of ABC Machinery can be times separated into large pellet mill and small pellet mill.

The large pellet mill is also called ring die pellet mill, from its name, we can know that it is suitable for the large scale pellet production. Large pellet mill is often used in the large pellet mill production line matched with other auxiliary machines like hammer Mill, drying machine and packing machine, etc. It is convenient for the producers and brings large profits to the users.

The small pellet mill is also called flat die pellet mill, it is suitable for the small pellet production. Small pellet mill is usually used in the farm, family and so on. It is easy to operate and it can totally meet customer's requirements.

Advantages of the animal pellets and biomass pellets

Animal pellets:
  • They are easy to be digested by the animals and once the animals eat the pellet feeds, they will grow healthily.
  • The cost to make animal pellets are low, for the raw materials are normal and they are easy to be processed into pellets.
  • Animal pellets take less space than the raw materials and they are easier to be stored than the raw materials.

Biomass pellets:
  • Biomass pellets belong to a kind of clean energy, so they are environmental.
  • Biomass pellets can be the substitute of traditional fuels and they are renewable.
  • Biomass pellets are easy to transport and store.

So you will make a huge profit and our pellet mills will bring you more, you will make a huge profit and our pellet mills will bring you more Convenience

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