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How to increase the yield and prolong life of pellet press

As a pellets manufacturer we want our pellet presses can make more pellets and can be used for a longer time. To create more economic benefits. How to implement? ABC Machinery tell you.

Yield influencing factors of pellet press

  • Raw material moisture should be adjusted to 10%-15%, moisture content more than 15%, the raw material between the mold plate and roller is easy to slip, which affect granulation and production. With less than 10% moisture, the friction between the material and the pellet press mahcine increases, resulting in damage to the die roll and lower production.pellet press structure
  • The gap between the press rolls and the die of pellet press will also greatly affect the granulation effect. The optimum clearance between 0.1mm and 0.3mm depends on the different ingredients. The gap is above 0.3mm and the material layer above the mold plate is too thick to reduce pellet production. When the thickness of the die is lower than 0.1mm, the wear of the press roll and die plate will increase, and the service life will be affected. Adjust the gap method: adjust the pressure roller shaft bolt, turn the roller on the die by hand, stop and turn, the operator can not hear the press roller and the friction of the die plate.
  • Cutting knife: If the cutting knife under the die plate close to the die plate and the powder rate will be increased, affecting the quality of pellet. So the cutter should be adjusted to the appropriate position.
  • The distance between the pellet press die and the feeding plate has a great influence on the yield. If the distance between the pellet press die and the feeding scraper is too small, it is difficult for the material to enter the die hole to result in low output and high powder content. The distance between the pellet press die and the feeding scraper is too large which will lead to the pellet press overloaded, out of order, and it even burns the motor. The distance between the pellet press die and the feeding scraper should better be in 10-30m.

Proper operation methods of the pellet press

  • Pellet press die plate for the first time to use should be performed before running, the method is as follows: fine sand ratio of 20%, 65% of biomass (wood), 15% waste oil, stir the mixture into the granulator pressing 40-60 minutes, repeated grinding until the pellet gradually loose, the operator shall ensure that 95% of the die hole can be produced.
  • When the pellet press is operated for the first time, the operator shall use a mixture of 12% oil to melt and fill all the holes and then melt with the official ingredients. When the operator finishes the granulation for one day, then 1% of the oil is used to fill the die cavity again to ensure that the die hole is not blocked.
  • After the normal operation of the pellet press, the operator shall check the mould plate once a week, drill through the clogged holes with steel nails, and ensure that 95% of the mold holes can be out of grain.
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