How Much is One Ton of Sawdust Pellet in The Pelleting Market?

Wood pellet, as one new biomass pellet fuel, produced by the sawdust pellet press, is a very popular pellet fuel nowadays. How much is one ton of pellet is a question that the customers want to know particularly. However, due to the different raw materials, the final biomass pellet sells with different price. Generally, one ton of wood pellet costs 850-1000 Yuan.
Wood pellet price

Wood Pellet Cost Components

  • 1. Production Energy Consumption Cost
One is the electricity consumption, the other one is the fuel drying cost. Both of them cost around 100 Yuan/t.
  • 2. Raw Material Cost 
Putting sawdust, wood chips, rice husk and other residues as raw material, it generally costs 400-420 Yuan/t. And the price will be changed. Calculating based on the average price 410 Yuan/t, reduce the average moisture content, the raw material price is 585 Yuan/t.
  • 3. Packing Cost
It depends on the scale that the users set. For the large scale production, this step can be reduced, because for the large scale production, cars are used for packing. While the small scale production is different, it needs to be packed for avoiding being damped during the transportation, and the packing costs 25Yuan/t.
  • 4. Total Cost
The total including the items above is 710 Yuan/t. the cost pluses the certain benefit which is the necessary for the enterprises development. The reasonable price is 900-950 Yuan/t.
So what decide the pellet price? Actually, pellet price depends on various matters. Such as, pellet heat value, pellet density, sawdust pellet press quality etc. Generally speaking, wood pellet costs higher than the straw pellet, for its high heat value, having wider market. And whether the pellet is easy to sell or not is decided by the quality of the sawdust pellet press which is decided by the sawdust pellet press manufacturer. 

Superiority of GEMCO Sawdust Pellet Press

  1. Adopting special pressing type with high pressure, high intensity of pressure, small Invalid wearing, convenient to maintain, having high output, low consumption.
  2. The unique dust-proof sealing structure prolongs the replacement cycle of lubricating oil and the service life of parts. The granulator mold can be used on both sides, and the granulator can process the granulator with the diameter of 4-12mm.
  3. According to the types of production materials, users can choose targeted high performance mold with fast discharging speed, good forming density and high discharging rate.
sawdust pellet press
(Flat Die Sawdust Pellet Press & Ring Die Sawdust Pellet Press)
GEMCO sawdust pellet machine is widely recognized for its high cost performance, possessing high praise in the sawdust pellet press market. GEMCO believes that biomass pellet fuel is the inexorable trend with the application and popularization of the new wood pellet press production line. GEMCO has engaged in professional new energy equipment manufacturing for over 20 years, mainly selling the equipment of flat die sawdust pellet press, ring die wood pellet press, complete pellet producing equipment and other associated equipment. All of our equipment has reasonable price, low investment, high returns. If you want to know more about price or type, please leave your message in the comments below to contact us.
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