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Custom Small Pellet Production Line for Latvia Client

In Apr. 2019, the client from Latvia sent an email for inquiring the wood pellet machines, the context is as followed, which may help you who have interested in the wood pellet industry. 


Hello, I'm writing you from Latvia.       
I'm interesting about wood pellet machines. Interesting model STLP300. What is the price and what include this small pellet production Line. If I want connect dryer to this STLP300, it’s a possible? And what is the price about dryer?
Can you send me, technical data info for this STLP300 and dryer?


Glad to know you are interested in our wood pellet machines--we are the leading manufacturer and exporter with 20+ year experience in this field.
However, normally our STLP300 is for making animal feed instead of wood pellets. So, please let us know your specific situation & requirement, so we can make a proper design for you accordingly. We've been helping our customers design and set up different wood small pellet production line with different capacity & request.
  1. Please kindly tell us you use wood chips, tree branches or other wood materials to make pellets? What about their size? Thickness/diameter/ width, length, etc. If you can send us some pictures, it will be nice.
  2. What capacity do you need for the pellet plant? What about 400- 600kg/h?
  3. As you know: normally 10-18% moisture content is good for making wood pellets. If much bigger, a dryer is necessary. So please let us know the general moisture content of the wood materials you plan to use for making wood pellets. It's very important for the whole design.
We are waiting for your early response.
  • I want make pellets from wood chips, sawdust, straw, tree bough and peat. Pictures in attachment. Size can be different. What size hammer mill can to mill? Hammer mill can mill only sawdust and materials wood chips size, tree bough size ~10mm to100mm?
  • I think capacity 400-600kg/h is good.
  • Yes, this I now. Dryer is necessary, because moisture can be ~20% to 40%. In winter it`s bigger and summer it`s smaller.

  1. As we all know, it's true that the demand of pellets fuel keep growing in recent years. Only this morning, we received the payment for 3 pellet production lines, one is 2tph, one is 3-4tph, one is 4-5tph. So currently you intend to set up a small wood pellet plant to sell pellets as business, right? If yes, where do you get the wood materials? Some customers are forest farm owners, some are sawmill owners, some purchase the wood materials from the market. What about you?
  2. As per your situation & requirement, we recommend the small simple pellet production line with small investment as below:
Small Pellet Production Line
Crushing ------Drying------Pelletizing-----Cooling (design drawing)
  • Wood Crusher (can deal with both wood chips and tree branches into sawdust, 15kw, 500-600kg/h)
  • Conveyor (1.5kw)
  • Dryer (11kw, 600-800kg/h, can turn 40-50% to suitable moisture for making pellets) with conveyor
  • Wood Pellet Mill (37kw)
  • Pellet Cooler (0.75kw)
Here attached a reference picture FYI. FOB price with electric control system.

I`m a private person who want make some pellets for little business. Yes, I want a small wood pellet plant for myself and a little business. Materials I buy in from forest farm owners and sawmill owners company`s and myself from my woods.
Yes, that nice. Please explain the FOB price? This is the final price for small pellet production line? Can you show me detailed layout? With price. If I want buy, what is the next step? How about payments? And how I can get it?

  • About FOB price: We can understand the price without shipping. In other words: This price does not include shipping costs in Latvia.
Some customers have their own transportation agents to ship goods from China to the destination port. They need FOB prices.
Some people need us to arrange goods from China to the destination port. They need CFR (marine shipping price) or CIF price (sea freight and insurance price).
What about you? Is this your first time importing goods from China?
  • If you still need us to arrange delivery for you: For Latvia, we usually ship the goods to the port of Riga. Is Riga close to your location?
At last, the client has purchased a small woo d pellet production line with the capacity in  ;400-600kg/h. Please contact us for more questions about pellet making machine.
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