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Charcoal Pellet Machine Exporting Around the World

Charcoal Pellet Machine Intro

Speaking of pellet machine, almost people know it is used to make renewable fuel for daily use. Recently, our R&D team found that the pellet machine also can be used for producing charcoal pellets which is named as charcoal pellet machine. The raw material used for making charcoal pellet is mainly the carbonized wood, sawdust and other biomass materials, the final produced charcoal pellet is usually used for daily heating, BBQ and cooking.
Charcoal Pellet Machine Intro
According to the different working principle, charcoal pellet making machine is divided into two kinds, including flat die type and ring die type. The former is designed with flat dies, four kinds of driving power is equipped, including electricity engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO; while the later is developed with ring die which is like a “ring”. Both of these two types can process high quality charcoal pellet.

Making Charcoal Pellet Machine Details

When you decide to produce the charcoal pellet, you should make the following preparation at first. The most important preparation is the raw materials.
Generally, the raw materials used for making charcoal pellet is the carbonized briquette or carbon powder, when you receive the raw material, what you should do is crushing them into powder or small pieces whose size is less than 3mm, and then adjust the moisture content of it within 12%-15%.
Making Charcoal Pellets
Note: Carbonization furnace can be wood, sawdust and other biomass raw materials into charcoal powder.

When the carbonized material is ready, put the prepared raw materials into charcoal pellet machine. Choose the most suitable one type to produce your charcoal pellets according to your actual condition and requirements.
After producing from the charcoal pellet making machine, the fresh charcoal pellets should be cooled through the cooling machine due to the high temperature inside of the charcoal pellet pressing process.

Spotlights of Charcoal Pellet Machine

Self Advantages

  • Using charcoal pellet machine, the raw material is produced into pellets with uniform size, easy to manage, pack, transport and store. And the charcoal pellet has a wide application including home heating and cooking, house hold furnace, small furnace etc.
  • With charcoal pellet making machine, you can not only make charcoal pellet for self use, but also can produce the charcoal pellet for sale, even more, you can invest in the charcoal pellet equipment industry for getting more profit. Click here for more information. 

GEMCO Charcoal Pellet Machine

  • With the advanced international manufacturing technology, our specially designed charcoal pellet making machine with two types and four driving powers can meet the different requirement and conditions from different customers.
  • Adopting high quality gray cast iron, the quipped gear box has low noise and better shock absorption, avoiding the crack in the connection joint of the machine since the too large noise.
  • With strict and standard production and technology management, all of our components equipped for the charcoal pellet machine have high consistency and interchangeability, ensuring the customers choose the components without any worries.
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