Alfalfa Pellet Mill for Animal Feed or Fuel Pellets

What is alfalfa?

Also called Lucerne in English, the alfalfa plant is a perennial flowering plant mostly found in areas where the climate is warm temperate. It is an important forage crop and is widely used around the world. The alfalfa plant has been here with us since the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans. It grows to a height of 1-3 feet and can grow for 4 to 8 years all year round without withering, in great climatic conditions, it can last more than 20 years on the farm and with its fast growth speed, It can be harvested between 5 to 13 times a year.
alfalfa lucerne

Why the alfalfa is suitable for Animal feed

Alfalfa is at the top of all animal feeds in terms of grass or hay if you like. It can be fed to the animals in either its original form, straight from the farm, or it can be dehydrated to make hay or pellets. In both forms, it still retains all its nutrients but the only difference is just the water content. The dehydrated alfalfa can be tied into bunches as hay is normally done or processed into pellets.
alfalfa pellet mill for animal feed
(ring die alfalfa pellet mill for feed pellets)
The animal feed pellets are the most common type of alfalfa feed found. In it, it has low carbohydrates, low sugars, high protein and easily digestible fibre plus other important vitamins and minerals. The animal feed pellets can be fed to beef and dairy cattle, goats, horses, sheep pigs and other kinds of farm animals. The advantage of the pellets is that they are easy to store and transport thus reducing transportation cost, also plating them is a breeze.

Why the alfalfa is suitable for Biofuel

Not known to many, the alfalfa plant is usually used an alternative source of fuel which is more healthy and environment-friendly. The ground alfalfa hay is mixed with other biomass materials such as rice husks, straw, sawdust, wood and others, then put into a alfalfa pellet mill and compressed into different sizes of biofuel pellets. The pellets are used as an alternative to charcoal or firewood, they produce way less smoke and very little ash after they are depleted.
alfalfa pellet mill for biofuel-pellets
(ring die alfalfa pellet mill for biofuel pellets)

Alfalfa Pellet Mills

Yes, you've read about the animal feeds and about the biofuel, I'm sure you are wondering about how the pellets are made, right? Worry no more. There is the alfalfa pellet mill which does the job for you. First, you have to harvest it from the farm and dry it up to a moisture content of about 15 degrees Celcius. You then need to grind it, a grinder will do the job or if you please a hammer mill is also applicable. After all that then the pellet mill comes into play, Insert you ground alfalfa at the top and it moulds it into small cylindrical pellets. They usually come out hot so place them somewhere to cool off.
alfalfa pellet mill alfalfa pellet mills
(ring die and flat die alfalfa pellet mill)
The alfalfa pellet mills come in different sizes all equipped with different driving power sources. The big industrial alfalfa pellet mills are mostly electric and most come as a package with the drier, grinder and cooler. The smaller alfalfa pellet mills for home use can be found in either electric, diesel or petrol models.
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