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charcoal briquette machine design keeps up with the times

Charcoal is a kind of important natural source for human beings. Traditionally, people use natural charcoal or the charcoal made from carbonized wood pieces. But this has caused great destruction to non-renewable forest resources. As a result, we have made a briquette machine design for making charcoal from waste wood as sawdust, wood shavings, straw or other biomass.

Charcoal briquette machine design process

The charcoal making process: raw material crushing, drying, briquetting, carbonization.

1. Cut the raw material with chaff cutter or crusher until their size is in required scope.
2. Dry the raw material till its moisture content is lower than 8% to be proper for briquetting.
3. Convey the powdery material into the briquette machine with belt conveyor or manually for briquetting.
4. Place the biomass briquettes into carbonization furnace for sealed burning to make charcoal briquettes.

The main equipments include crusher (hammer mill), dryer, charcoal briquette machine and carbonization furnace. The charcoal briquette machine can automatically control temperature and adjust the density of biomass briquettes. Such technology design can guarantee the quality of briquettes.

The advantages of this briquette machine design for making charcoal

  • It is designed rationally with reliable quality. Its structure is brief, operation is convenient, labor and power consumption is low. It also has small size and do not occupy much space.
  • It has a fully automatic control electric heating device that can adjust the moisture of raw material automatically to guarantee stability of briquetting and improve efficiency.
  • The main parts of this briquette machine design adopt wearing resistant materials and processed by heat treatment to be able to work continuously and durably.
  • It is suitable for various kinds of biomass.
  • It adopts oil-immersed lubrication, so that the briquette machine can use for many years as long as it is not short of oil.
  • The screw pitch is increased to enlarge inlet amount, which ultimately increases productivity greatly.
  • This design improved the structure of forming drum, which can decrease the friction between raw material and the forming drum to increase biomass briquettes density.
The briquette machine design actually complies with market demand, since charcoal briquettes are now widely used in industries and our daily life such as BBQ. So making charcoal briquettes is now a promising and profitable business.
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