Troubleshooting Guide: Common Faults and Solutions for Small Pellet Mills

In the use of small pellet mills, sometimes you may come across some machine faults that you can solve yourself. Here let’s see what are the frequently encountered faults and solutions.

1. The raw material can go to the small pellet mill pelletizing chamber but no pellets go out: this may be caused by pellet mill die hole blockage, too much or too little raw material moisture content, too large gap between roller and die, or the interval between screw feeder auger plates is too large. To solve these problems, we can simply drill the die holes, adjust raw material moisture to 12-18%, adjust the gap between roller and die, or change screw feeder auger.

2. No raw material goes into the small pellet mill pelletizing chamber. If such situation happens, the reason may be feeding auger blockage. To handle such problem, you just need to draw out and clear the screw auger.

3. If the safety pin of small pellet mills breaks off and impurities enter pelletizing chamber, such impurities must be clear away and change the safety pin.

4. If the small pellet mills have noise or fierce vibration, it may be caused by severe bearing wear, roller and die wear, too small gap between roller and die, impurities in the mixer or screw feeder, or hard impurities are pressed into the die holes. Under such circumstance, you need to replace the bearing, increase gap between roller and die, clear away impurities.

5. The small pellet mill doesn’t work. This is perhaps because the accumulated raw material in pelletizing chamber is not cleared, or the circuit goes wrong. To solve it, clear the accumulated raw material or eliminate circuit fault.

6. If the small pellet mill can’t reach required capacity, it may be because the raw material moisture content or configuration is improper, the particle size is too large, you need to adjust moisture content and raw material configuration, or improve particle size.

7. If the pellets made out are too loose, it may be because the compression ratio of pellet mill die is improper. You need to change a die with proper compression ratio.

Knowing the common seen faults of small pellet mills and how to solve them can help you handle emergencies timely and fast, ultimately improve production quality and efficiency. (Learn more about small pellet mills.)

By Shirley Wang

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