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Professional Fodder Pellet Mill for Enriching Animal Nutrition

Basic Info for Fodder Pellet Mill

Fodder pellet mill is designed and developed for making feed for animals, adopting pelleting die and pressing roller to compress the loose raw materials into density pellet feed under the high temperature of the pelleting chamber. It's also called feed pelllet mill or feed mill. Various raw materials can be made into feed pellet, such as, corn, wheat, grass, grasses, pasture, soybean, straw meal, leftover, carrot, potato, cassava, rice, oil cake etc.
fodder pellet mill
The finished feed pellet has uniform size, high density, rich nutrition, easy to store and manage, and avoiding animals being picky, can be used for feeding cattle, sheep, duck, goose, pig, cat, fish, goat, deer, pigeon, rabbit, chicken, horse etc. The fodder pellet mill can be used for many places, including home, backyard, individual farm, breeding factory, livestock feed factory, poultry diet factory and animal feed production lines.

Classification of Fodder Pellet Mill

According to the different principle, the fodder pellet mill is divided into two big types, including flat die fodder pellet mill and ring die fodder pellet mill, the former adopts flat die while the die of latter is just like a ring, each of them has its own unique features.
  • Flat die type
This type fodder pellet mill is mainly composed of feeding hopper, main shaft, roller, electric control cabinet, gear box etc. The driving device drives the main shaft through the gear box, then the pelleting device will start to rotate to press the raw materials, when the raw material enters into the pelleting chamber. Because of the rotation difference, the flat die fodder pellet mill is divided into two types, the D-type adopting rotating die and fixed roller and R-type based on rotating roller and fixed die.
flat die fodder pellet mill
(flat die fodder pellet mill)
The flat die fodder pellet mill meets the different requirements of people from different regions and living levels for four kinds of powers equipped including electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO. And it is designed with small size, simple structure and small output production ranging from 60kg/h to 800kg/h, suitable for making fodder pellet at home, on farm, small animal feed factory etc.
  • Ring die type
Ring die fodder pellet mill mainly consists of screw feeder, conditioner, face plate, press chamber transmission system, over load protection and electric control system. Adopting double belt driven structure to drive the screw feeder, the feeding can be even and accurate, equipped with full resistant steel feeding hopper and imported frequency changer. Various ring die with different die hole and compression ratio ranging from 1.5 mm to 12 mm are equipped, the clients can choose them according their requirements and actual situation.
ring die fodder pellet mill
(ring die fodder pellet mill)
The ring die fodder pellet mill can produce fodder pellets 400kg-2.5 t per hour, more suitable for making animal feed in medium and large scale pellet production in large scale poultry and livestock farm, breeding factory, feed production factory etc.

Fodder Pellet Production Details

At the first process, you need to prepare the raw material according to the nutrition demand of your animals, as we all know that different animals require different nutrition, even the same kind of animal, they have different nutrition demand in their different growing period.

Before you start to make feed pellets, you should do some pre-preparation well, because the fodder pellet mill has a strict requirement for the raw material. The moisture content should be around 12%- 15%, and the size can not be larger than the diameter of die hole. If your raw material are not proper, you can choose the related machine for better production, like hammer mill, dryer and mixing machine.
After preparing the raw material well, it’s time to start the feed pellet production. Our fodder pellet mill types have been mentioned above, you can choose the proper one for your application.
Fodder Pellet Production
(animal fodder production lines)
The fresh finished feed pellet has a high temperature, you should cool them before packing. If you make small scale feed pellet, you can put the pellets in a cooling place for self-cooling; if you make large scale fodder pellets, the cooling machine and packing machine are suggested to you for saving your time and proving the production efficiency.
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