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How to Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer?

Chicken Manure into Pellet Fertilizer
As a kind of wet and smelly waste product, chicken manure with limited value, attracts flies, sometimes also results problems to the neighbors. Especially the domestic chickens, though they are always kept in coops which is covered with a shallow layer of sawdust litter inside, the smell can not disappear.
Chicken Manure into Pellet Fertilizer
As the society develops, chicken manure start to be used as fertilizer to grow the plants well, which brings the chicken farmers the best way to deal well with the chicken manure. However, during the usage of chicken manure, some problems appears as well. Domestic chicken produce less manure which can be easily used as fertilizer due to the less quantity. Then, what should we do with the chicken manure produced in chicken farm, or the large chicken farm? Based on the modern technology development, chicken manure produced in chicken farms also have a good place to go, that is the making the chicken manure into pellet fertilizers.

Chicken Pellet Fertilizer Boosting Plants Growth
As we all know that the fresh chicken manure can not be used as fertilizer directly. Because the fresh chicken manure is alkaline compared with the dry manure or other trashes, easy to burn the plants roots, attracting the injurious insects. What’s more, composting the chicken manure together takes up large area and space, influencing the surrounding environment. Making chicken manure into pellet fertilizer avoid these problems.
Chicken Pellet Fertilizer Boosting Plants Growth
At first, due to the different nutrition requirements of different kinds of plants like flowers, vegetables, grasses etc, you can add other mineral substances and microelements that different plants actually need except in the chicken manure during the chicken pellet fertilizer production, thus meeting different nutrition requirements for growing better.
Besides, the chicken manure pellet fertilizer produced by pellet fertilizer machine has high density, uniform length, easy to manage, store, pack and transport, obtaining longer expiration period than the traditional fertilizers, suitable for various plants growth.

How to Make Chicken Pellet Fertilizer?
Speaking of making chicken pellet fertilizer, we have two types of production solution for you including making chicken pellet fertilizers with single machine and with complete production line. The former is suitable for manure pellet fertilizer production with domestic chicken, while the later is suitable for scales chicken farms, large fertilizer production factory.
making chicken pellet fertilizers with single machine
making chicken pellet fertilizers with complete production line
Whether you produce chicken pellet fertilizer by single machine or production line, the most important thing is choosing the suitable pellet fertilizer machine according to your actual situations like nutrition requirements, final pellet size, production capacity, power etc.
  • When using the single machine, you need to dry the chicken manure under the sun firstly, adjust the moisture content and press the chicken manure into small pieces less than 3mm. After pelleting, the hot pellet fertilizer need to be placed in somewhere ventilated for temperature decreasing, which is better for later package.
  • If you have a mount of chicken manure, you are suggested to set up the chicken pellet fertilizer production line which mainly consists of hammer mill, drying machine, pellet fertilizer machine, cooling machine, packing machine etc. With the complete machines, both of efficiency and quality can be improved a lot.
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