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get your free biomass pellet mill plans

Are you looking for biomass pellet mills? Do you want to make your own pellet mill plans for your biomass pellet plant? At GEMCO you will get your free biomass pellet mill plans now!

To make biomass pellet mill plans for you, usually we need to know the following factors:

1. Your raw material. Is your raw material wood or crop waste? What kind of wood it is? Is it a mixture of several kinds of wood? It is very important for use to know your raw material since it will determine what processing equipments you will need, such as hammer mill (or crusher) and wood chipper.

2. The moisture content of your raw material. That means the percentage of water the biomass contains. The best moisture content for pelletizing is 8-12%, but most biomass contains more moisture than needed. So the raw material dryer will be necessary for a complete pellet mill plant. Below is a graph which shows moisture content of common seen pellets making raw materials.

Biomass source Moisture Content (calculated on wet basis)
Wood chips 10-60 %
Straw 20-30 %
Sawdust 15-60 %
Cotton stalks 10-20 %
Switchgrass 30-70 %
Bagasse 40-60 %

3. What capacity do you need? What do you require for the pellets? The pellet mills have the minimum capacity of 50kg/h and maximum capacity of 2000kg/h. The flat die pellet mills range from 50-400kg/h which is suitable for home or small plant production, while ring die pellet mills range from 500-2000kg/h which is suitable for large scale plant production. There is also a briquette machine that can make 8-10mm diameter pellets and 20-70mm diameter briquettes together, its capacity is 800-1200kg/h. But the pellets made by such machine do not have regular length, so it is suitable to make pellets for own use.

flat die pellet mill    ring die pellet mill mechanical stamping briquette machine
Flat die pellet mill Ring die pellet mill mechanical stamping briquette machine

Years of experience in making biomass pellet mill plans have made GEMCO a leading professional pellet making consultant in China. We have many customer pellet projects in many countries. It’s not a problem for us to draw you a pellet mill plan. So, contact us now to get your free biomass pellet mill plans!

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