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Livestock Feed Pellet Machine Best Assistant of Large-Scale Cultivation

With the promotion and popularization artificial compounding feed in the animal husbandry, the highlights of livestock feed pellet machine has become more and more visible gradually, pellet machine brings strong driving force for the development of livestock, thus continuously increasing farmers buy the pellet machine to produce pellet feed by themselves.

Why Choose Livestock Feed Pellet Machine?

During the pellet feed production, some additive medicine are put into the pellet machine to reduce the nutrition loss, meanwhile killing the pathogenic microorganism and parasite, thus ensuring the feed quality. Because the pellet machine processes high quality pellet feed, suitable for middle and small grain feed production factory, livestock farms, poultry farms and individual farm, becoming the ideal equipment for the farmers to produce animal feed.
Livestock Feed Pellet Machine
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Helpful for Feeding and Disease Prevention of Livestock Animal

During the pressing processing, ring die livestock feed pellet machine gelatinizes the starch of the mixed powder materials, making the pressed pellets possessing of certain fragrance, increasing the palatability of pellet feed and stimulate the appetite of animals. It is measured that the livestock animals increase food intake by 10-15% by feeding the pellet feed after curing , meanwhile during the pressing processing, short-period high temperature reaching to 70℃-100℃ in the livestock feed pellet machine kills a big part of parasitic ovum and pathogenic microorganism, apparently reducing the probability of animals being sick. It has been found that the livestock animals fed with pellet feed have less dysentery, stomatitis, and allotriophagia. Additionally, pellet feed is featured with uniform composition, tidy appearance, smooth surface, high density, adjustable length between 5-20mm and diameter between 1.5-6mm (needing to replace the die), easy to store and transport.
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Helpful for Better Nutrition Absorption

When feeding pellet feed, animals chew them for longer time, giving the feed enough time to mix with saliva, stimulating intestinal motility, thus improving the nutrition digestibility of pellet feed. When pellet machine works, the activity of the enzyme becomes strong, and the matters involved in the beans and cereals which stops the nutrition digestion and absorption will be passivated, that will be beneficial to the digestive system of the animals.
livestock feeds
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Increasingly Improved Livestock Feed Pellet Machine

Through several years of developing, the animal feed producing technology of the livestock feed industry has been increasingly improving. And how to reduce feed cost and satisfy all sorts of livestock and poultry nutrition demand has become the first problem to be solved for the vast number of farmers and the feed industry. Straw biochemical protein feed technology is to soften the lignin inside of the agricultural straws through crushing, fermenting and pelleting etc. which degrades crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat into matters that is easy to be digested by animals. At the same time, a big amount of mycoprotein will be produced in the fermentation, becoming soft and sweet after fermentation. And pelleting processing increases the palatability of livestock, the average level of crude protein, amino acid will increase to 40.6% and 95.8%, arginine, cystine, histidine increase by big percentages, sugar and fat content will increase too, producing the Vitamin B,D and E etc and growing factor. When mixed with the other materials, complete feed will be processed into pellet feed with rich nutrition through pellet machine, increasing the food intake for livestock, thus the animals grow faster. Grain investment cost is reduced (the nutrition value per ton of straws equals to 270 kg of pellet feed), feed cost is reduced, while the incomes of farmers is increased.

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