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Guidance on Professional Wood Pellet Production

Wood and Wood Business

Wood, as one kind of raw material for processing, is featured with light weight, strong heavy than high, good resilience, easy processing and impact resistance, thus having been listed as an important raw material since ancient times. And wood processing industry has been lying a crucial role in the civil economic development as well.
Wood and Wood Business Trend
Since 1970s, the world wood processing production has been developing in an upward trend, especially the wood production for fuel is the most outstanding, increased by 56%; the second one is the paper making wood, increased by 36%; the sawdust doesn’t more than these two kinds, still increased by 21%.
Traditionally, people always use the wood to make the converted timber like pole, mine timber, sleeper etc artificially, with the development of age, the wood products has been transformed from the converted timber to the more sophisticated processing, like plywood, fiber board, chipboard for produce industrial and commercial furniture, carved furniture, boat furniture etc, thus forming wood processing into the independent and complete wood processing industrial system.
wood processing industry
In the forestry industry, wood processing industry and chemical wood processing industry are the follow-up industries of forestry cutting and transportation, the important department for comprehensive utilization of resources. As the resource decreased gradually and the demand for energy increased, wood used for energy has been increasingly popularized. And in 21st century, people use wood more to produce new energy, the most popularized one is wood pellet production.

Wood Bringing New Energy

We all know that new energy is called relative to conventional energy, also called non-conventional energy. Under the new technology and new materials, even the traditional resources can have opportunity to modernly develop and use as new energy resource. As one kind of new energy, biomass energy is coming to public’s view gradually, in which the wood pellet production is the most popular. Wood pellet production generally relies on the residues produce from wood processing.
new energy wood pellet production
Then, what kind of raw materials can be processed into wood pellet or briquette? The answer is various kinds. Such as, thinning woods, forestry residues, sawdust, cuttings, shavings, bark, drift woods in a dam, cutting trees from civil engineering work, roadside tree, pruned trees etc can be used for processing wood pellet and briquette. After the wood pellet production, the raw materials is formed into uniform size and length pellets and briquettes used as green fuel, which burns without ashes produced into the air.
The final products is widely used for home heating and cooking, public heating, industrial heating, industrial boiler, pellet stove, green house heater, cooling device, small steam boiler, hot spa etc.

Wood Pellet Production Around the World

At the same time, with the development of renewable energy technology, wood trade for wood pellet production is taking a big part in the world. Producing wood pellet develops rapidly since 2000 with the wood pellet output reaching to 1100 tonnes, which means that wood pellet is more and more popular around the world.
Wood Pellet Production around the World
Under the background of developing renewable and green energy actively, wood pellet and briquettes is replacing the traditional fossil fuel as the common fuel relying on the no harmful ashes produced, easy and complete combustion, uniform size etc, the demand for wood pellet and briquettes of people has been increasing around the whole world.
In north America, as of 2012, there are 42 wood pellet production plants have been built in Canada with 3 million tonnes per year; in USA, the demand for wood pellet of people is also increasing more and more, the wood pellet production has increased from 1.8 tonnes in 2008 to 7.4 tonnes in 2015.
In Europe, the demand for wood pellet in the 28 EU countries has reached to 20.3 million tons in 2015 which taking up 6% of the total solid biomass materials. And the wood pellet production in the EU member countries has reached to 14.1 million tons, taking up 70% of their demand. That data is from the “AEBIOM  Statistical Report 2016” issued by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM).
At the same time, in the developing countries with rich biomass materials like African countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc, due to rich agricultural and forestry residues exist, the wood pellet production has been increasing year by year as well.

GEMCO Wood Pellet Production Projects

As the professional wood pellet producing machinery manufacturer, we have built projects for wood pellet production successfully all over the world. Such as,

Wood Pellet Production Details

Speaking of wood pellet production, the most important thing is the processing. To be generally, the wood pellet production mainly consists of chipping processing, crushing processing, drying processing, pelleting& briquetting processing, cooling processing, packing processing and conveying processing.
Wood Pellet Production Details
(Wood Pellet Production Process)
The chipping processing, crushing processing and drying processing can be combined into raw material preparation processing. In theses processing, if the raw material is the wood log or the larger wood blocks, the chipping machine should be equipped to reduce the size first; if not, the chipping machine has no need to equip. And due to the requirement for raw materials size of pelleting processing, the raw materials should be reduced within 3mm, hammer mill or crushing machine is helpful. At the last preparation, moisture content of raw materials need to be adjusted in to 12%-15% by the drying machine.
After the preparation processing, pelleting processing is ready, the pelleting machine or briquetting machine can start to work. About choosing the machine, you have to according your raw materials condition, actual situation and final product applications.
When the wood pellet is finished, it has high temperature needing to be cooled for later better packing and storing. Cooling machine with sieve can separate the dust or breaking pellets from the well formed pellet to re-pelleting, while the well formed wood pellet will enter to the next auto packing processing.

The whole wood pellet production processing is not exactly the same in different countries and regions, just like the wood pellet making line mentioned above, they have many differences in every each projects. And we have the ability to customize the most suitable and professional machinery for your wood pellet production.

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