Cattle Feed Mill Making Feed Pellets for Dairy & Beef Cattle

Overview of Cattle Feed Mill

With wide popularity of the feed pellet mill, more and more people choose to make feed pellets by their own. Especially the cattle owners, they have realized that the feed pellets can bring cattle the better digestion and absorption than the common feed power does. The cattle feed machine is widely used in the cattle farm, feed factory and feed mill plant. Also, you can invest in the cattle feed pellet industry for attaining profit.
Cattle feed mill
large Cattle Fedd Mills
This cattle feed mill belongs ring die pellet mill, it can be called ring die feed mill as well. For special designing for the cattle, this ring die feed mill can make various of materials into pellets to meet their need in the daily growth, such as the rice straw, corn straw, peanut shoots, beans, alfalfa etc. The production capacity of the cattle feed machine is in a range of 200kg to 3tons per hour. You can choose the proper type on base of your actual need.

Features of Cattle Feed Mill

The main structure of the cattle feed machine consists of feeder, pelleting machine, miller, lubrication system etc. The production processing requires the degree of the mixing material powder can not be over 15%. The material enters into the feeding auger through the stock bin. By adjusting the step-less speed regulating motor to change the speed, the material can flow moderately. Then the tempering begins through the paddle agitator mixing with the steam. After the tempering, the temperature of the material can reach 64℃ to 84℃, and the humidity can reach 14% to 16%. Lastly, through the chute the material enters into the pressing chamber to be pelletized.

Before Using Cattle Feed Mill
There is one most important thing need to be concerned, before using the cattle feed mill. As we all know, there are two kinds of cattle, the dairy and beef cattle, and for their apparent difference in the growth, their requires for the nutrition are different either. Therefore, the raw materials are different, too.

beef, calf, cow
dairy and beef cattle
The cattle belongs to the ruminant, the feed pellets made by grass, dry grass, corn straw, alfalfa etc. can be fed to them. And for the dairy’ s require for energy and protein, the corn flour, wheat bran, bean pulp are suitable as well. For the beef cattle, what nutrition they need most is the protein. So, the coarse feed is suitable for them. The crop straw like peanuts shoots, sweet potato vine, corn straw etc., the hay like dried hay, alfalfa hay etc. can be made into feed pellets for them.
In addition to the adult cattle, there is calf who need special care.

After the calf was born, generally, they begin to regurgitate at the age of 10 days. And when they are 15 days, you can use the soft grass or easily digested bran and bean powder to make feed pellet and feed them moderately, helping them grow. After 30 days, their gastrointestinal function has been well developed, and when they can eat 1 kg of the grass pellets, then you can feed them with the feed pellets made of the dry grass, crop straw, wheat bran etc. according to they belong to beef cattle or dairy.

Cattle feed mill used in feed plant. Our Feed Projects.

Cattle feed mill used in feed plant - Feed projects


Superiority of Cattle Feed Mill

  1. The feeder adopts all-stainless steel, and it is configured with original import frequency converter to control, feeding can be even and accurate.
  2. The modulator is made of all-sustainable steel, thus making sure the complete contact between steam and fodder.
  3. The modulator with major diameter is equipped for ripping the material fully to make the material smoother and make the pellet hardness more proper. The briquetting ratio can reach 98%. Also the abrasion to the machine can reduce to the lowest.
  4. Double-motor drive. The high strength SPB narrow V-belt drive transmit stably and reliably with low noise.
  5. The access hole with opening door is configured on the cattle feed mill to make the cleaning and maintaining more convenient.
  6. The ring die feed mill is configured with various of ring dies with different aperture diameters in a range of 1.5mm to 12 mm and compression ratio, the customers can choose the most suitable one according to their needing.
  7. The ring die of feed machine with quick-release coupling can reduce the time of replacing the ring die to improve the production efficiency.
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