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Wood pellet has gained its popularity as one of the mostly used renewable fuel sources in recent years; as a result, wood pellet manufacturing has become a sunrise industry, which means it is promising and profitable. Now in many countries, there are wood pellet manufacturing plants. It can make pellets from wood shaving, sawdust, wood chip, branches, logs, and so on.

Wood pellet manufacturing process

The manufacturing of wood pellets includes the following steps:
  1. Raw material crushing: materials as wood chip, wood shaving need to be processed by crusher into 2-5mm in diameter; sawdust with such diameter does not need to be crushed; but wood log, tree branch shall be chipped by wood chipper before crushing.
  2. Screening: sometimes the sawdust or wood powder may contain impurities like stones or metal scraps that can break the pellet mill. If the raw material does not contain impurities, the screener is unnecessary in the wood pellet manufacturing business plan.
  3. Wood powder/sawdust drying: the wood, especially fresh wood contains moisture much higher than 20%, which is unsuitable for pelletizing. As a result, the wood sawdust shall be dried.
  4. Wood pellet manufacturing: the raw material fed into the pellet mill, and pellets will go out from the outlet.
  5. Wood pellets cooling: for commercial production, wood pellets shall be cooled after they are produced. Then you can pack the wood pellets in small or large bags for sale or for storage.
 wood pellet manufacturing process

Commercial wood pellet manufacturing equipment

Wood pellet manufacturing equipment is the key part in the complete production plant. Its quality determines the quality of wood pellets, so you need to keep an eye on choosing the proper pellet manufacturing machine.
small wood pellet manufacturing equipment large wood pellet manufacturing equipment
As one of the world leading commercial wood pellet manufacturing equipment suppliers, GEMCO has years of experience in researching and developing machines to manufacture wood pellets as well as other types of biomass pellets. For your specific raw wood material, GEMCO will choose the most suitable equipment for you, and the pellet manufacturing equipment will has the best compression ratio (which determines the quality of your wood pellets) for your raw material.

Make your wood pellet manufacturing business plan

If you want to manufacture wood pellets now, it is wise to make a business plan first.
The plan shall include your raw material, your capacity, your budget, your funds, your workshop, and so on.
  • The raw material determines the pellet machine type, while the capacity determines the model you choose. If you have soft wood as raw material, you choose large pellet machine or D-type small pellet machine; if you have hard wood as raw material, you choose large pellet machine or R-type small pellet machine.
  • Your budget and funds determines the equipments in your wood pellet manufacturing plant, while your workshop size also affects the scale and arrangement. If you have sufficient funds, you can set up a large scale wood pellet plant; if you do not have too much funds, you can set up a small scale wood pellet plant.
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